Beginners Guide To Article Writing

by Andy Fah

Everyone wish that they can write a good article. A good article published on the net will attract thousands of readers, turning them into your subscribers, and regular visitors. To internet marketer, abundance of traffic will mean potential buyers. So, what are the secrets to produce an excellent article? It does not need a rocket scientist to reveal the answer.

Here are the guides.

1. To construct a base to successful article, write whatever that comes to your mind. You can’t write best selling articles at the first attempt. Don’t do any critical thinking while writing about:

o The main information

o Core points

o The information you want to give the readers

o The feedback you want to receive

o What can your product and service can offer them

Keep on writing till you feel that you have said all that is to be said in the articles. Never mind if it is long and winding. Later on you can curtail it by removing repetitions, redundant ideas and all other irrelevant material. Organizing and improving can also be done at a much later time.

o What can I receive from it

o Other than me, who used it and how can it help them?

o How much is the cost

o Where and when can I buy it?

3. Show the benefits to the consumer

Instead of concentrating on the features of your activity or your product, tell the consumer what they will get. When you do articles about your products, write about the impact it will have on their lives and the benefits they will get. Let them get the impression that you are doing them a favor and giving them a wish.

In the articles, you can make questions to the consumers and talk everything about the things about them and what are the things they can receive from paying the service or product. The other technique is to give them advice about their situation, which reflects that your purpose is to help them and not just to sell.

4. Using Testimonials

People are in general interested in others’ opinions. Therefore if your target audience let your testimonials describe the problem that your product can solve and how it benefits them. Use testimonials that do not sound as if you have written them. Nevertheless do not let them cover your message.

5. Your PLR articles should be original, come from within you, fresh and addressed directly to the reader.

Tips to follow:

o Write on how you talk, be natural and remember not only to focus on errors of grammar and spelling.

o Address the reader directly (“you”).

o Write as if you are writing to some you personally know. Identify a specific part of the audience.

o Avoid redundant ads and exaggerations. You can use simple words to trigger enthusiasm

o Do not take the chance to promise in articles things that you actually cannot offer, therefore misleading customers

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