Provided Facts On How To Optimize Your Youtube Channel

This week’s tip is how to build your channel properly. The very first thing you want to do to launch your channel correctly is to see the right username for your channel. You need to be sure that it’s unforgettable and that it’s strongly related to your niche. For example, if your channel is Vividmaths videos, you want to refer to it as something like Vividmaths as opposed to a random fancy username. The next step you could do is to alter the appearance of your channel. Now there are few choices here.

First is to find an avatar or a channel image. Now this is essential. Don’t forget to have a picture of yourself or your business logo. Another option is to get some new background image. Now this isn’t vital but it really helps your channel to stand out. If you don’t have time to achieve this, you can download free templates off the net or just pay someone on Fiverr to do it for you.

The third thing we can change is your Info and Settings. First thing you must do is to change your title and ensure that you put your keywords in here. Next, you want to write something about your channel in the description. Again, be sure you include your keywords. Finally, you should add your tags. And again, you would like to be sure that these are your keywords.

The fourth thing that you can change is your tabs. Better preference is to replace your default tab to your Feature tab and to choose the Blogger style. And the fifth thing that you can do is to include a Featured Video. To do this, you just need to select a video. Just get it via your favorite video or you can get Youtube to just choose your latest uploaded video. And then the crucial part, you need to make sure you tick the box that says “automatically start playing video once the channel has loaded”.

So these are the five things that will help you arrange your channel the right way. So this week’s challenge is to summarize three of the above methods that you used to optimize your channel. Leave your replies in the video responses. V:7

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