Earthenware Promotional Mugs Reveal Your Brand’s Market

by Matthew Calvin

Promotional mugs are becoming more popular lately. The mugs are outwardly appealing as well as useful in nature. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials, making it the most versatile tool n marketing strategies. The designs can range from very exotic to very conservative, appealing to all companies’ needs and budgets.

Earthenware, the most commonly used ceramic material, is used extensively in the production of these promotional mugs. After giving them a desired shape with hand or a tool, the ceramic based object is baked in a kiln. This is followed by the application of a layer of glaze to cover its pores and hence making it suitable to hold liquids. The glaze comprises of different chemicals depending on the desired color and property. The most commonly added chemical is cobalt oxide for a blue touch. The beauty of a ceramic ware lies in its finished appearance which gives a shimmering effect due to the protective glaze.

The durability and mold ability are two of many reasons why earthenware promotional mugs are a favorite. Handmade designs of mugs cannot be beat, even by today’s technology.

There are many ways to decorate a mug. Some prefer hand painting, although printing is also accepted. Another way to embellish a mug would be to emboss them or laser etch them. Frosted glas sis coming back into style also.

With all of these special effects added with the use of metallic coatings, aid in achieving the most beautiful mugs. With mugs like these, you are sure to raise the market value of your brand.

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