Finding The Right Print Management Service Provider

In order to conserve on manpower, training, equipment and employment expenses, companies are learning to outsource their printing needs to print management service providers. Many suppliers can be found online offering affordable packages, but probably only a handful can provide first-rate products and services. And since the process that involves ordering, payment and proofing is done online, you are not always assured of quality and might not always get the results you want.

How is the supplier in terms of service? Are they responsive and steadfast all throughout? Sometimes, having a well designed and highly usable website and a web page filled with names of reputable clientele are not enough. You need to be particular with the companies or suppliers you work with. You want only the best print materials delivered to your doorstep.

Does the print company provide a client service manager and if the answer is yes, how professional is he? Does he communicate in an engaging but businesslike manner, and can he masterfully answer your questions? How does he respond to your demands as a client, and is he able to provide solutions to issues that may arise?

Competence. He must be able to understand the entire print process and explain it to you thoroughly. He must be familiar with the terms and technicalities of printing and know what the business is all about. He must know what they’re doing. Only a supplier with well trained and competent staff can provide exemplary print management service.

If you are obsessed about quality, your supplier should be ten times more meticulous. Printing is his business hence superb unassailable quality should be his only standard. Quality control is a must and it must happen before finished print outs reach the client. No client would want low quality materials for any promotion or campaign.

Hopefully, you’ll find a print provider that is consistent in all aspects of the job. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an account manager who’s always on the go and is eager to tell you how well your expectations are being managed. Find a supplier who listens and acts accordingly, someone who’ll tell you that your wonderful print materials are scheduled for delivery.

Do your interests really matter to your supplier? Does it really matter to him if you launch your campaign on time or is he merely there because he made a few thousand bucks out of your company? If it seems that he’s only concerned about repeat business and nothing else, it might be time to look for someone else.

Supposing your client service manager is really nice, talks to you all the time, and shows you quite impressive samples but fails to mention that they always have technical problems and can never deliver on time, would you still want to stick with that supplier? Probably not. You have your deadline, and so does your supplier.

You certainly don’t want to go over your budget. Outsourcing your printing needs shouldn’t result in financial deficiency. There are suppliers out there who can provide you with top quality services and products at reasonable prices.

It’s always a good idea to consider your options first before making a final decision. Choosing the right print management service provider entitles you to peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction.

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