For Squidoo Money, Try These 3 Tips

Internet marketers around the world are waking up to the fact that Squidoo is a powerful web 2.0 marketing system that lets them promote things and build their brands.

Succeeding on Squidoo requires more than slapping up a web page using their handy drag and drop widgets. To be successful, marketers are required to connect with other users at Squidoo, and start building up links to and from the lenses they create. Linking to the lenses from outside Squidoo is also important.

Here are 3 simple Squidoo marketing techniques to get you started building website traffic and brand reputation using Squidoo lenses:

1. Join the Squidoo forums. At Squidoo they call them SquidU, and they let you connect with other lensmasters, and make friends. Do that, and you can have others linking to your lenses and bookmarking your creations to create greater awareness and traffic. You can also seek out the ones they call SquidAngels and have them bless your lens – it makes good things happen, like higher rankings and more traffic.

2. The Squidoo Groups – these groups are collections of one or more lenses, categorized in some way, and you can join some related groups and become active on that page by leaving comments, answering polls and voting on things. When you get your lens listed in other groups, or even your own groups, it creates more links back to your lens, and thus generates higher rankings and more website traffic.

3. Be active on other related Squidoo lenses – read their lens content, and post relevant useful comments with a link back to your lens. Don’t just leave a “visit my lens” spam comment – be useful first, and then you can link back to your lens. If you feel the need to provide advice to the lensmaster, you might want to do that in private, rather than leave it where it might be misinterpreted.

Squidoo also has buttons that let you bookmark a lens using the popular web 2.0 bookmarking sites, like Digg, Twitter, Myspace and Stumbleupon. Try bookmarking related lenses at Squidoo, and then leave a positive comment on the lens you bookmarked, letting them know you like the lens and that you bookmarked it for them. They will very often do the same for your lenses.

Squidoo is a great place to learn highly effective social behavior that leads to greater success and income. Simply do useful, kind things to others, and what how your prosperity and income rises with the number of good deeds you do. Try applying everything you have learned, and see just how much income you can make using Squidoo.

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