Hanging Displays: Most Popular Styles and Sizes

by Amy Nutt

Any business that relies to some degree on trade show or event exhibition as part of its marketing strategy must pay close attention to their exhibit displays. When exhibiting, it is most important to make a good first impression and lasting impact on your potential customer or client. Many factors go into planning what your exhibit will look like, not the least of which is which type of display to use.

What is a Hanging Display?

A hanging display is a trade show display that hangs over the top of your exhibit booth. Since hanging displays must actually be hung from a ceiling or rafters, they work best in trade show scenarios that take place indoors rather than outdoors. The only way to use a hanging display outdoors is if you erect a tall pole to hang your display from. Because that can be quite costly (and also because you have to expose your display to elements such as wind and/or rain) outdoor hanging displays are not common.


The main benefit of a hanging display is that your trade show booth can attract attention from anywhere on the exhibit floor. Since it hangs from high up above, it can be seen from anywhere within the trade show. Potential clients or customers can find you without having to actually pass right in front of your booth.


Most hanging displays consist of Vinyl or fabric graphics on frames. Several different shapes and sizes are available. The most popular styles are triangular frames, quad (square or rectangular) frames and circular frames. Below we’ll examine each of these styles and what sizes of each are the most popular.

Triangular Frames- This style of hanging display is probably the most popular because of how easy it is to put together. The display consists of lightweight aluminum poles that snap together to create the frame. The graphic banners are then attached to the bottom and top poles and are held taught by the weight of the bottom poles.

Sizes: Triangular frame hanging displays come in 6′ wide, 8′ wide, 10′ wide, 12′ wide, 15′ wide and 20′ wide sizes. The 12′ wide and 15′ wide sizes are most popular because they attract plenty of attention while still being cost-effective.

Quad Frames- This style of hanging display is very similar to a triangular frame hanging display in the way that it is assembled. Obviously, a quad frame will have a bit more assembly as it has one extra facing. The benefit of the extra facing, however, is that your graphics will get even more exposure.

Sizes: With quad frames, you can afford to go a little smaller and still attract plenty of attention because the quad frame style has one more facing of your graphics than the triangle frame style. For this reason, 6′ wide and 8′ wide sizes are most popular in this style.

Circular Frames- This style of hanging display is perhaps just a little bit less popular than the two mentioned above. The main reasons for this are that it is a slightly costlier option, a bit more difficult to assemble, and some people think it doesn’t look as sharp. The benefit is that your graphics can be seen from any point on the trade show floor.

Sizes: Because circular frames tend to be a bit pricier, the smaller sizes are more frequently used than the larger sizes. Of course, this is not always the case, but out of the available in 6′ wide, 8′ wide, 10′ wide, 12′ wide, 15′ wide, the 6′ and 8′ sizes are most popular.

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