How To Choose the Right Leads For Your MLM Business

by David Lawrence

I’m often asked to recommend the “best source” to help distributors build their business fast. As a lead consultant to mlm distributors in such companies as Monavie, here is what I can offer.

When choosing the right mlm leads you need to find the right type of lead to match your business goals.There is no simple answer to this question as each company is so unique and different.

if you were looking for leads for monavie there are many different marketing angles you could pursue.

There are health specific leads for people who are passionateabout acai’s benefits. Some people may prefer using these types of leads.

However because health specific leads are much harder to come across and more expensive, many monavie distributors prefer to focus on mlm leads that are targeted to lifestyle.

Lifestyle and Business leads are much more common as “lifestyle” encompasses both the ability to make a little extra income from home as well as creating life changing incomes and everything in between.

If your ultimate goal is duplication, this type of lead allows you to attract people who have already raised their hand that they are looking for opportunity so purchasing leads of people who request information about making money from home is often considered a faster path to building your business.

Because work from home leads are more common, it also makes this type of lead a much more cost effective way to build your monavie business. Ultimately, match your business goals with the type of lead you want to purchase, take consistent action and you will attract the right people into you business.

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