Important Characteristics of a Promotional Umbrella

by Matthew Calvin

Promotional umbrellas are becoming a more prevalent promotional tool. Umbrellas make the user feel satisfied because of the usefulness and durability. The user will think of the company who gave the umbrella to them more often, and become mobile advertisement, as well.

Constantly striving for more is a rule of success. Thought promotional umbrellas handed out int he past may have been a success, a company should yearn for improvement on their efforts. Achieving higher sales is the goal, this can only be accomplished by creating the ideal promotional umbrella.

the following would make good characteristics of an ideal promotional umbrella:

1. The design should be created with the target user in mind. Umbrellas are agreeably used by most people, but increasing its effectiveness with the target user in mind will be best. A senior citizen would not appreciate a tye dye umbrella that is heavy, as much as a college student might.

2. Matching the venue where the umbrellas will be handed out to the targeted user’s lifestyle is key. If a video game company were to give out umbrellas, they would most likely be brightly colored, and distributed at a launch party for a new game. Likewise for a financial conference, they might give out a golf umbrella that was tastefully designed.

3. The umbrella, as a promotional item, should fit into the marketing strategy of the company. As a company do not hand out umbrellas with your company’s logo on it, just because you have read and heard somewhere that they are an excellent promotional item.

If you take careful consideration and planning in the distribution of promotional umbrellas, you will be properly rewarded.

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