Key Traits Of Great Voice Over Talent

When you’re searching for the right match in voice over talent, there are a few key traits that set apart the good from the great. Hiring great voice over talent means you can count on professional services and enhance your advertising for maximum impact. Whether you’re creating slogans, delivering a narration, or just need a voice over artist to stage a mock conversation, finding the right fit is an important part of your marketing plan. Voice over talent agents can work with you to narrow down a few choices, but the final decision rests in your hands.

Here are some of the key traits of great voice over talent:

1.He or she has a believable voice. Though there is certainly a place for exaggerated narration in the style of an announcer or newscaster, you’re generally going to want an actor or actress who can perform naturally in a wide range of vocal styles.

2.A good sense of pitch. Beautiful voices don’t happen by accident– they are cultivated with much practice. Many of the best voice actors are also accomplished singers, and this is because both disciplines require a studied grasp of pitch and tone.

3.He or she is willing to provide you with high quality examples of his or her work. When interviewing voice over talent, it’s essential that you obtain a demo tape from each of your prospects. In addition to granting you insight into the quality of a candidate’s work, this will help you keep your prospects straight after you’re done interviewing.

4.Versatility. This is fairly self-explanatory; a truly skilled voice over professional will have the skill and talent necessary to perform well in a wide variety of dissimilar projects. Whether authoritatively reading off facts and figures, or attempting to make listeners laugh, a true professional will shine.

5.A good sense of tempo. Another ‘musical’ element of voice over work is that of tempo, or pacing; you should look for a voice actor or actress whose speech flows naturally, and who has an intuitive grasp of the the rhythm with which he or she must speak in order to get your message across.

6.References. Checking into the references that you receive from potential hires is an essential part of the hiring process, as it will give you an invaluable chance to see whether or not your candidate truly is the seasoned professional he or she claims to be.

7.Energy, enthusiasm, and stamina. Those with experience in voice over know that it it is never a matter of simply reading a few lines and collecting a paycheck. Your voice actor or actress should be able to withstand the sometimes lengthy series of takes required to get it right, without becoming either mentally or vocally fatigued.

If you put forth the time and effort necessary to find a voice over professional with all of these essential traits, you are certain to have a much more pleasant experience completing the project. Finding the perfect candidate may be time-consuming, but it is certainly worth it.

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