Large Format Printing: Make The Public Aware About Your Brand

Large format printing is basically printing in large scales. This type of printing method is normally used for billboards, MRT ads and bus ads. In fact, large prints can also be seen on large vehicles such as aircrafts. Large printed materials can measure up to 25 meters. They consist of large graphics which are meant to be used for advertisements. Large printed materials are displayed in places where they can be easily seen by many people.

Using large format printing To Market Your Brand

As a business, you would want to use large format printing to strengthen your brand. You can also use this printing method for other purposes such as simply getting the attention of the public, pushing your marketing campaigns, or letting the people know about your promotion. It is also worth noting that people go out every day to work and school. That explains why companies today opt to put large prints on big and moving objects.

As you see, trains and buses are large objects and there’s no reason for people not to notice them. Apart from it, buses and trains are moving objects, too. That is why if you put your ads on these vehicles, you will not just capture a large pool of audience. You can also send your message across the city, especially where these vehicles pass through. You will never run out of fresh audience.

[[Large prints are useful in the event outdoor advertising is your primary means of marketing your brand. If you think advertising in the mainstream media or online is costly, large scale printing is a more affordable choice. Large scale printing is one of the most common types of advertising services in Singapore. So if you like to tap this marketing method, you will find it easy to hire a large scale printing company.]]

Are Bus Advertisements Effective?

In Singapore, there are 2.5 million people who travel by bus daily. According to a survey, 60% of people who travel by bus could recall bus ads. Surprisingly, those who can recall advertisements were able to remember more than 100 different ads. Furthermore, more than 95% of the working class travel on the road every day. Needless to say, large format printing for bus advertisements can give you that marketing edge.

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