Make Your Gift More Special With These Easy Gift Wrapping Techniques

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or a relative is something that entails effort and time. These, plus putting in a lot of thought into it, will surely put a smile on the recipient’s face. But equally important is the manner in which the gift itself is wrapped as a means to further stir the curiosity of the celebrant and to make the merriment more exciting.

The most common thing to do is putting the gift inside a box and wrapping it with a themed wrapping paper. But if you want to inject a bit of character, why not make your own wrappers? Get a huge piece of white or craft paper and make stamp patterns with the use of a wine bottle cork or your child’s stamp set. The little ones can help by having them doodle or draw on blank papers and using the resulting product as a gift wrapper.

Choose to reuse to save on costs. Recycle used wrappers and turn them into fillers by running them through a paper shredding machine. Another idea is to cut them up to make gift bows or gift tags. Old calendar sheets are perfect for big items and for making do-it-yourself gift wrappers.

When it comes to irregularly shaped items, you can always rely on glass or plastic jars, baskets, tin cans, as well as hankies or table napkins. For a hint of whimsy, you can make use of toppers such as plush toys for kids, a freshly picked flower for a daughter, girlfriend, wife, or mother, and a cigar stick for the men.

One sure, no-fail way is to use a paper bag made especially to package gifts. Another alternative is the ready-made, reusable non woven bag singapore corporate gift vendors offer. You will find that there are a lot of colors and sizes to choose from. You can even contract non woven bag printing singapore companies to customize a design for you if you are ordering in bulk. You may secure the opening with a ribbon in a contrasting color if the bag doesn’t come with built-in handles.

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