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What can you tell me about Dragon Kick?
I recently spied on an Ilsoren grandmaster, who was showing two warriors a new combat skill. He called it the Dragon Kick, and demonstrated an amazing, powerful kick that began a good six or more feet away from his target. Standing at long range from a boulder, he used the kick to shatter the boulder. He explained that only highly skilled students would be capable of learning the Dragon Kick skill, and each must find and destroy a Dragon Claw to actually become trained.With the exception of Fairy Kisses (because who would really want a kiss from a Dragon? Well I might, but that’s beside the point.) our sections have a distinct Dragon Theme. Besides the fact that Jennifer is Year of the Dragon (and loves dragons) the running joke is that we are like Dragons with our Treasure/Hoard.

Can I make money with Dragon Surf?
No! This is NOT a money making program, this is an advertising service. There are no downlines, no percentages, no way to make money from this program. It’s an advertising resource only and a great way to get people to your site.Insurance Dragon is completely independent from the brokers, agents, or carriers that will be actually selling and servicing your insurance policies. Our independence enables us to help you find the most competitive insurance plans from talented experts in your industry.

Is The Dragon co-educational?
Yes, although we do seem to have more boys than girls at present. But our close community encourages friendships, not romantic pursuit. Our students have the opportunity through each others circle of friends to meet “the other”, but the atmosphere within school is not so overheated, and more relaxed and productive than it is in many schools where dating is a key issue.Dragon was founded in London on July 18th. 1990. Our first campaign was to help save Oxleas Wood, which still thrives today.

Can I keep more then one dragon together?
Yes, as long as both are females and are around the same body sizes. If they are not within an inch of one another, then one of them may become dominant and could ultimately start to stress out the other(s).The dominant one will then either eat most of the available food or start to grow larger then the other(s). Females can also be aggressive and so always keep an eye on them when housing multiplies.The Dragon Academy is a small school (about 40 students are enrolled at present), but this is a deliberate choice.

What is a dragon?
A dragon, or dragon kin, is a human being who has the soul or spirit of a dragon. Some dragons believe they were a dragon in a past life, and have now been reincarnated into a human body, but still carry many personality traits and mannerisms that reflect their dragon self. Many dragon kin also have memories of their past lives as a dragon. However, not all dragons believe they were a dragon in their past.Yes, although we do seem to have more boys than girls at present. But our close community encourages friendships, not romantic pursuit.

How do I give my dragon water? Can I give my dragon a bath? Is my dragon dehydrated?
Most impactions, dehydration, and/or other health issues can be prevented if you spend time with your Bearded Dragon and get to know its habits and behaviors. Keep a log of your care or issues you notice so that you can refer back. Designate a block of time daily to “study” and visit with your pet friend; this allows you to watch behavior patterns, learn about and to understand and notice when your dragon “tells” you that they are ill, injured, constipated, stressed, etc.Instead of a “homework policy” stipulating any set number of hours of homework, the students learn time management and resource allocation.

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