People Search – My First Attempt at Finding People Online

Finding and locating people by using the internet is a growing demand. If trying to find information on a potential babysitter for the kids, looking for a long lost friend, or even a former business associate, there are plenty of services on the internet that can help the everyday user.

Most searches on the internet regarding people are done by utilizing a search company that is linked to a number of public record databases. These databases are regularly updated, but may contain data from years back. Most of these searches are pretty affordable but depending on the subject matter, can be very expensive.

Most users seeking basic data such as a someone’s former address, or phone number will find that in a few clicks this information can be found. Most of the time there will be a fee with the company giving a guarantee that their results will be accurate. At this point, the search can begin in finding people by address, name, or phone number.

Using online services seems to be cheaper than hiring a private investigation firm to look for similar information. It may even be possible that some private firms run their searches using the internet, and then charge their clients for the results at a higher cost.

In my own experiment, I decided to run a search on myself. If you have a common first and last name (like I do), I found that you will have to get specific with the search criteria. Search filters helped me narrow down the results without too much hassle.

After drilling down my search, my current as well as previous address was first on the list. I must admit that I was a little surprised as to the information that I could find on myself and would guess that most people would also be should they run their own search.

Once locating myself, I decided to search for friends that I went to high school and college with and had a decent success rate. It’s definitely worth a try if one is interested in finding friends that may have lost contact over the years.

If you’re looking to find people by phone number, name, or address, it can be done quickly through the internet. People search services are valuable tools, if used for the right reasons.

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