PPC Advertising – What To Do Next?

by Brian Basch

You have successfully completed all the necessary market research. Your keywords are all decided upon. You must have also done the necessary calculations and have an idea of the amount you need to spend in order for your ad to be present on the top search results page and you feel you are set for the next six months if not more.

But hold on! Do not sit back and relax yet. To be sure of success you may have to do a little more work. So what do you do now?

What to do next:

This is where the real hard work begins. Now you need to keep a track on the activity of each one of your advertisements. This will give you an idea as to just how well each ad is performing for your business.

There are a number of methods to keep an eye on your campaigns. However we will address just one here. Google Adwords provides you with effective tools to track visitors and see how well keywords are performing. Web logs are another great source to let you know which ads are drawing visitors and making sales.

It is critical to your campaign that your Adwords ad is performing well, if your ad is not pulling you can lose quite a bit of money. Poor performing ads can result in useless traffic with no sales. You will be paying for clicks without seeing any returns. Bear in mind that you will be paying for each click through, so select your keywords wisely to get the best bang for your buck.

How to deal with a poor performing ad?

With all your detailed preparation your ad could be well positioned but unfortunately it is not producing sales. To rectify this situation you need to dig down and find the roots of the problem.

Keywords are vital to the success of your ad. In fact this is what your whole campaign is based on. Choice of keywords for your ad is very important. In fact if keywords are not correct your whole campaign can fail.

Very often it is just a case of a poor keyword that is making our ad under perform.

Is your keyword a very popular one? People by instinct tend to choose keywords that are general and popular. This is a way to ensure many visitors to your site, but keeping a popular keyword can have negative effects on the product.

How can a popular keyword hurt your sales?

The reason is that they are not specific to your particular product or service. This means that they will bring in lots of traffic but few if any sales. Searchers who make use of these types of keywords are not really interested in buying but are just looking for information.

Selecting effective keywords:

* Look for a word not very popular yet general enough for the common man to search for.

* The keywords should be targeted to your market. This ensures only those who are really interested in your product will click through.

It is very important to monitor your ads on a regular basis. This will ensure optimum results of your ad. Now you are in a position to make your product a “best seller.

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