stumblehere suprised me

I was wrong to think I could not sell my van on stumblehere. It sold quickly and painlessly.

I posted my ad on ebay and somebody contacted me saying they we using with great success.

I was reluctant to try another classified ad site. I didnt want to start all over. I didnt want to keep posting ads.

I finally listened to he had to say. He told me he was calling for a website that I hadn’t heard of before. He told me that this classified ad website was unlike craigslist in that they do something called ad syndication. Meaning that what they do is they send out my posting that I put together on their site to many others.

I decided to let the stumblehere ad syndication process drive my ad to many sites. Ad syndication sounded like the way to go. So I gave in and gave it a whirl.

Stumblehere will be my classified site for life. I sold my vehicle and am excited it went soo smoothly. I did not think it would work, but it did.

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