The Baltimore Orioles: How They Tie Into Truck Wraps & Advertising

Sometimes tourists have to be drawn into certain areas by the best attractions in the world. Amusements parks are a great example of this; they can provide enjoyment for just about anyone, so the ability to go to parks like these does not require much in the way of convincing. However, what about being drawn in with the idea of baseball? This is where the Baltimore Orioles can come into play and experts in truck wraps will be able to tell you why this is the case.

According to a report on CBS DC, a billboard was placed along the I-295, a route in Maryland that is stationed just outside of the Washington D.C. border. As far as the details of said billboard are concerned, it features a group of three players from the Baltimore Orioles baseball team: Adam Jones, Chris Davis and Manny Machado. While this should be enough to garner anyone’s attention – especially that of a sports fan – you may be curious as to what it is that the billboard was designed for. To put it simply, it’s meant to sell baseball tickets.

To explain this matter in detail, it was reported that the billboard would have a phone number that people could call for the purpose of buying tickets. One of the reasons why this is crucial is because the billboard itself was located around 6.5 miles or so outside of Nationals Park. For those who aren’t baseball fans, this arena has been known as the “home” of the Washington Naturals. It’s because of this that a feud of sorts can spark, which is common when talking about sports in general.

Setting aside preferences, as far as sports teams are concerned, it’s easy to see why authorities like JMR Graphics can appreciate this kind of ad placement. Keep in mind that when it comes to truck wraps, billboards, or what have you, strategy is needed in order for ads to gain as much attention as possible. The act of putting up a billboard featuring a baseball team in seemingly enemy territory is a noticeable move. Despite any negative publicity behind this move, it is publicity nonetheless.

It’s hard to measure the amount of passion that sports fans have and I believe that this rings especially true for those who love baseball. The support for a particular team is hard to deny, which is why I can see a billboard focusing on an opposing team garnering much in the way of negative attention. With that said, the ad placement in question is impressive, to put it mildly. Seeing as how the billboard was placed especially close to Nationals Park, its effectiveness will undoubtedly speak volumes.

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