The Importance of Campaign Yard Signs

by Precision Signz

Campaign yard signs not only represent the voting public’s right to “have their say,” they clue them in that their civic duty is near. Looked at in this light, they are not to be taken lightly.

Further Your Candidate’s Cause with Election Yard Signs

Political yard signs may be looked upon as the poor man’s political marketing tool compared to other forms of campaign marketing. But, they are an easily recognizable, grassroots marketing weapon. Local and national politicians use them to effectively get their message out. One might say that Election yard signs are the face of a campaign, for it is what many voters see on a regular basis.

Given how effective Campaign yard signs can be, the design of them is extremely important. They can literally sway a “Nay,” vote to a “Yay” vote, and vice versa. Design speaks to the image of a candidate and his or her message. It allows a candidate’s message hit a nerve. But, it must first get through. When you consider that the American public is assailed by thousands of marketing messages every day, yours has to be something special to get through. How do you make that happen?

2 Tips for Designing a “Vote-Getting” Political Yard Sign

Seeing is Believing: In order to ingest your message, the public must first see it. This may be the most obvious tip, but it is one that is often overlooked or ignored. The best way to do this is to keep your message simple and powerful so it has a chance to sink in and resonate.

Decide on Its Purpose: Perhaps the most important part of designing a political yard sign is to decide what message you want to get across. Political yards signs usually inspire people to do one of three things: vote for a particular, not vote for the other party, or raise awareness of a particular candidate.

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