Unique Ways of Attracting More Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth

When operating a trade show booth, you have to do things that will make customers want to look at what you have. That requires you to be very creative, though. If you’re not creative, then you’re going to be doing the same exact things that everyone else is doing. If that’s the case, then you’re not exactly going to stand out amongst the rest. You’re going to be ignored just like the others who have not used their imaginations.

So what should you do to really make your trade show booth look really interesting? Try doing special things for your customers and dress up your booth to the point it cannot be ignored. That doesn’t mean that you need to paint it hot pink with neon green letters on it that say “Come to by booth and see my goodies.” You don’t want your booth design or even your other ideas to seem desperate. You just want your customers to enjoy what they see and have a great time.


The way to a customer’s heart is through giveaways. People like things that are free. You can even go as far as giving away bags of popcorn or items such as pens, pencils, key chains, mugs, and so much more that has your logo on them. If you give them something with your logo, then you are giving them a constant reminder that you exist. To them, they are receiving something free, but when they look at that item they will remember that you have something they need.

Here are some other things that you can do to make yourself stand out and attract more visitors to your trade show booth:

– Play games with your customers. Have a spinning wheel that they can spin to win a price. You can give them gift certificates that they can use toward a purchase at your booth or you can have prizes lined up.

– Have things for the kids. Something as simple as a balloon will make their day. Parents will appreciate anything you give their children to keep the kids pacified. Rent a helium tank, buy some balloons, and you’re in business. If you really want to make the balloons work for you, then you can have some printed up with your company logo on them.

– Do a raffle for a particular product that you’re displaying at the show. Let the customers know that you’re doing it at a certain time and let them know that they have to be present to win. That means they will come back to your booth. If they didn’t buy anything the first time, then perhaps they will the second time.

The booth

The trade show booth itself needs to be dressed up for your customers. You have to be really creative with it to make it stand out amongst the many others at the trade show. This means using stage lights to highlight certain items. You may even wish to have special flooring around the booth so that the customers feel like they’re walking into an actual store and not just a booth. People who feel like they are in a store environment are more likely to feel comfortable being there. They feel like they are not amongst many people, but that they are free to browse as they please.

You can also use a booth with a curved wall. These types of trade show booths are very unique and they certain gain the attention that you wish to have. Incorporate all of these elements to have a trade show presence that will dominate on every level.

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