Using Custom Printed Matchbooks For Marketing

There are many marketing benefits when ordering custom printed matchbooks, no matter what type of business chooses to do so. Many companies choose this marketing technique over others due to a high ratio of the population being smokers, as well as other factors. Company names and logos, phone numbers and catchy pictures are the typical print on these low cost marketing tools.

Marketing is huge when it comes to businesses building clientele and getting the word out to the public about their services and establishments. Nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels are the three major clients of all matchbook and box printing company. Hotels supply their smoking friendly rooms with matches, restaurants typically keep matches at their bars if applicable, and nightclubs are always furnished with both books and boxes of matches that are strategically designed to promote business.

There are many different types of matches that are made readily available to those businesses looking to market in this manner. From twenty and forty strike matches that are scented or colored, to the typical ten strike matches that come in tiny little books that are convenient for travel. All types can be designed to promote the services of any business, or upcoming event.

The most popular ten strike books are typically found in bars, restaurants, and hotels. The bigger books and boxes are typically used as executive gifts or as place settings at weddings. All genres of these marketing tools can be customized to advertise any company or event. The cost of printing all depends on which company is chosen to fulfill the order, how big the order is, and what design type is chosen.

If left unattended, any matches can be a serious danger, so it is a recommendation that all matches be kept out of the reach of children and used responsibly. If however, matches end up in the wrong hands, and an accident does occur, calling the nearest police and fire station is recommended. Doing so can help prevent fires and even the common injuries that are associated with fires.

All printing companies have their own designs for businesses to choose from when looking to use this marketing technique. Businesses also have the option of designing their own logos and pictures to go on the matchboxes or books that they choose to order. The prices of all matches do vary and mostly depend on the quantity of the books or boxes ordered, the type and the design chosen.

The biggest profit seen by popular printing companies comes from hotels, candle companies, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Weddings and gift giving come in a close second and office parties come in third. Some wedding parties use personalized matchboxes as place settings at receptions, many executives reward their very important faculty with personalized matchboxes and books as thank you or holiday gifts, and nightclubs, bars and restaurants keep logo printed books around for their guests to use, for whatever reason.

There are numerous cost effective benefits to using custom printed matchbooks for marketing purposes. In order to find the companies that provide these printing services, it is recommended to use any search engine online. Another research technique would be to visit any hotel, nightclub, or restaurant that has implemented this particular marketing technique.

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