Viral Reports: How Can You Write Them?

by Theo McLanahan

Writing viral reports is one way that you can boost traffic to your website. Viral reports are reports that are straightforward and concise which you distribute to others who then put their affiliate links on them and send out to people on their mailing list.

Writing viral reports works great for all parties involved. Everyone who receives your viral report gets to use content that you have written for them to post online. And you get all those people to distribute your report to potential customers that will visit your website.

The information that you write in your viral report is not in danger of being stolen by others. When sending out the report, you can add a stipulation that the cover page of your report show your name and the address of your webpage. There is also available software that makes .pdf document links unchangeable.

Even though writing an entire report might seem a little bit overwhelming, you can make it easier by breaking the work down into smaller parts. After deciding what subject to write about, make the report into several sections that you can write each day. When a week has gone by, you will have enough information to make one or two reports.

As you write, keep your report easy to read and understand, but also entertaining. If it is dull or boring, people won’t take the time to read it. Many people simply scan pages, rather than read every word on it. Grab, and keep, your readers’ attention by formatting your headlines in a bold, clear font and using bulleted lists to highlight important content.

Do research on keywords that are especially interesting to your target audience so that you can decide what topic you should write your report about. Reviewing which articles on your website are receiving the most views might reveal that a certain topic has become especially popular with visitors to your site. Writing a report about that particular topic could prove beneficial.

The information in your report should fall somewhere between seven and fourteen pages in length. This is because it will be long enough to let you develop your reader’s interest in the subject while not being so long that they lost interest before they finish reading it.

It may sound like a contradiction, but giving away information, in the form of viral reports, is a great way to promote informational products. Give your readers enough information to answer their basic questions about your subject matter, but leave them wanting more. Include links to informational products you have created or other products that you are an affiliate for.

Viral reports are also useful in advertising products you have for sale, getting new people to join your mailing list, and generally promoting your website.

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