Why Use Bone China Promotional Mugs?

by Matthew Calvin

Nowadays, the best strategy for marketing is giving out brand logo imprint promotional mugs. Promotional mugs are economical to the buyer, can be use in many ways to the user, and appealing to any age group. These reasons put the promotional mug at the top of the list in regard to marketing tools.

When one chooses the type of mug best for their advertising needs, quality of the mug will play a major role. Of the many materials available, the most durable and cost efficient is bone china. Bone china is the most affordable for its high quality marksmanship.

Bone china ware is easy to maintain, and can be made into some stunning designs which look marvelous with the perfect logo and message of the product. A good quality promotional mug not only helps to advertise and popularize the product with he masses, but also uplifts the brand value. Some of the most beautifully designed bone china mugs may look expensive and flashy, but in actuality might not hurt the company’s finances to a very large extent. Moreover, the finish is really elegant, which is a sure heart winner in most cases.

Designing a catchy or flashy mug may not always be necessary. You must consider the age group you are targeting when opting for designs on promotional mugs. If the target audience is over 40, they would probably prefer a more streamlined look to a mug, than an innovative, catchy designed one. Therefore, knowing who you are targeting will be of great advantage when designing a mug.

Often times, bone china is used specifically to show that the company believes in high quality and standards. These organizations not only gain more customers when using this strategy, but keep them longer. Brand logos are the most run of the mill imprints, but if they are to be given as a token of appreciation or congratulations, a designer may add messages or graphics accordingly.

A good use for promotional mugs is using them to reward an employee of the month. Giving that employee a bone china mug, makes them feel the best, perhaps having their name on it along with the company logo.

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