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Making money online, having an online earnings, have your own internet business. These are all one and also the same right? Wrong!
Anyone can make money online although not everyone can have an online income or an online business that works for all of them day in and day out creating continuously flowing streams of revenue/income into their bank accounts.
When I first got introduced to online marketing in end May 2010 I didnt even know what a domain and the hosting account was. All I knew is that i wanted to make money online first and have an internet business that could provide me personally with none stop channels of revenue.
This however seemed like a big dream. I knew no one which was doing internet marketing or anyone who was earning an online income except for all the gurus that were selling one product to another to me.
Now I didnt know what to expect and what to avoid so I just went with the flow, and where did that get me? INFORMATION OVERLOAD! One, if not thee most detrimental, online sickness you can have. This is what your brain has been filled with so much information it doesnt know whether to show right or to turn left.
I am warning at this point you to be very careful. INFACT, forget what everyone online is suggesting dont buy nothing. All you need to make money online and establish an online business or income is a list of subscribers and product that you can sell to them.
I know I allow it to be sound very easy to complete but once it boils right down to it that how a person basically create an on the internet income and business.
This is by absolutely no means an overnight thing such as the gurus tell you. Actually they dont like once they tell you ” I MADE 2 Thousand DOLLARS IN ONE NGHT” Thats not a lie because they have done it by developing a huge list of subscribers and selling an item to them.
What they do not let you know is that you right now cannot make money online in one night (especially of this amount) because you do not have a list, and you have not started promoting any bodys item yet maybe because typically of it you dont know how.
They claim you dont require a list but when you buy their product or sign up for their free product are you not in their checklist. Do they not are in possession of your contact details in order to email you at will when they feel like they would like to make some money? Exactly! So when they turn around and tell you that you dont need one its only a lie.
To have an online income you have to create a list and to get this done it is best for those who have someone there to walk you through step-by-step through the process. Now I know of a man that goes through the name Russell Brunson thats teaching people steps to make an online income for free for 30 days.
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