Debt Counselors – Negotiate Repayment Terms, Eliminate Creditor Liability

by Gary Pearson

You may not believe it, but at one time or another in our lives most of us have credit trouble. From an unpaid credit card bill to defaulting on your gym membership, we all have experienced the discomfort caused by creditors banging on our door demanding payment. For those of us who feel unable to do it themselves, debt counselors are available to help you consolidate your debt and negotiate reasonable and manageable terms for repayment. Most of all, they help you learn how to be more fiscally responsible.

Unless you have major, irreversible debt there is no reason why a debt counselor won’t be able to help you recover without filing for bankruptcy or taking out a high interest loan. In each case your credit may be affected and you may have to part with personal property such as a house or other assets.

Secondly, although many people apply for and obtain a consolidation loans to successfully payoff their creditors, the truth of the matter is that the debt still exists and that the spending habits that got the individual into debt in the first place are not addressed.

Also, in order to get a consolidation loan you first need to have enough equity somewhere else to guarantee the loan. If this happens to be your house and you are unable to fulfill the terms of the loan then you could end up losing your house in the process.

In contrast, contacting a professional in debt counseling will allow you to work in conjunction with the counselor to create a reasonable repayment plan. Further, once a repayment plan has been enacted, the debt counseling service will assist you in creating a reasonable budget. Thus, over time you’ll be able to pay off creditors, stop those nagging phone calls, and establish a budget that will keep you out of financial trouble in the future.

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