Salary Negotiation – How To Get Started

A friend recently asked me for some advice or tips on how to negotiate a salary. They are no expert at salary negotiation and would like to get better.

I have an extensive background in salary negotiation, and have participated in dozens and dozens of interviews and negotiated many salaries very successfully. I’d be happy to share what I see is a quick outline for the approach that can help you achieve significant salary negotiating results.

What follows here is a great set of introductory strategies, however there are many approaches to salary negotiation. It is very important for those looking for a higher salary to have the full picture. You need to know all the relevant strategies for salary negotiation to be successful. You may be faced with objections and have negotiation hurdles to overcome.

I am going to give you the best possible synopsis of salary negotiation to do’s in this article. It is certainly a vast topic with a lot of nuances.

The following presents an overview of the must do’s.

1) Be diligent in your job market research to find out the perceived value of the role you are going to fill. Check with some common salary web sites like or or for those.

2) List all the extras you do at the job which bring value or efficiency to the business. Concentrate on things that you do which are above and beyond the employer’s expectations.

3) Determine where you stand in relation to other personnel in the business. This may take a bit of effort on your part. Ask your friends. It seems more socially acceptable these days to discuss your salary. Be careful how you approach this subject.

4) Plant the thought in your supervisors mind. Approach them at a stategic time when they are not too budy. Avoid times when they are rushed out the door or off to their next staff meeting.

5) Make sure the boss feels it is a good time to talk. If they are busy, or rushed out, then don’t approach them. Rather, ask when would they be free, and plan a meeting for that time. Present your salary negotiation confidently. Confidence is a crucial element to success in negotiation.

6) Make to conscientiously rehearse your approach to salary negotiations. Cover off some objections and have your responses to the objections ready in your mind. There is always a way to stay the course to a successful negotiation.

7) It can get discouraging in salary negotiatiosn, but do your best to maintain your high self confidence. Never give an ultimatum when negotiating salary because you may be forced to act on it. You don’t want to find yourself looking further for another job.

There are many ways negotiations can play themselves out, and its important to avoid pitfalls and other roadblocks that can sabotage your success. Make sure to consider topics and approaches that you could take that would cause you to fail. Awareness is the best way to avoid these problems and to come out successful.

A very common strategy is to wait for the employer to address the topic of salary first. They may reveal their acceptable salary range, or they will outright ask you what your preferred range is. It is best to leave this as late in the process as you can.

Another salary negotiation strategy that I like when receiving an offer that you’re not very happy with is to ask a question. Is that the highest possible salary you can offer right now? When followed up with your silence, the employer is left stumbling for a response. If the answer is yes, you can talk about how you cannot accepted it, and that you believe your contribution is worth more. If the answer is no, then right away ask if it is possible for them to offer you your highest salary request.

Whatever strategy you chose, make sure you’ve built up your case to support your negotiation and ensure that know your script by rehearsing. Plan for objections, and know how to deal with suprise or unpredictable scenarios. Always leave the door open for future salary negotiation, until you close the deal in a way that makes you happy.

To your total negotiating success.

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