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I wrote an article, several days ago that was recirculated a few tens of times online. I tried to capture a little bit of the angst being felt by facebookers who had been banned or suspended while simply doing their thing in the Facebook. One might define a Facebooker as someone who spends more than 90 minutes a day in facebook and who probably has it on their cell phone too.

To a lot of people this is really a non-issue, much to do about nothing. But to the 100 Million who inhabit the fastest growing social network and the several tens of millions who now spend more time inside facebook than around the rest of the internet, this is quite a serious topic. You volunteer to send out 400 invitations to your facebook friends on behalf of your boss and your boss smiles and you hear him say, wow Jim is a real go getter. You can banned after sending only 60 messages and yo partner, your now in trouble…

So, let me see if I got this right – 580 cherished friends of your mother-in-law didn’t get their invite and you just got suspended from facebook while in this, the most tedious of chores. Better come straight with your mother-in-law right away, because facebook does not lift suspensions in any “reasonable” timeframe. And as for outright bans, if you were given one of those unjustly, you can try their dispute resolution email, however for all intents and purposes you are better off kissing that account goodbye.

Mom & Pop facebook marketing operations frequently lose their profiles when they are caught outright. Facebook has an engine in the background that watches for what is considered abnormal behavior. It has been tracking and analyzing normal user behavior inside Facebook for quite some time now, so figuring out activity that is not the norm and running that past its comparison engine that has 100 Million samples to compare with must be a thing of real beauty.

Because of how low key that warning message is, a busy user can click right on through that most important of stop signs. And in that article, I covered how easy this was to do too.

Ignorance of the Law is no excuse and in the case of Facebook, a faceless engine in the background deems certain activity looks like spam according to their filters and suddenly you are out of there. But here is some detail on activities that you should NOT do, so as to stay out of trouble with Facebook.

Try hard to put images up only of persons who have enough clothes on to look comfortable on a family beach. If your family beach is in europe – please remember facebook is an american creation with american puritanical values. You may see others doing otherwise, but if you get banned for following their activity don’t expect your account to be unlocked based on that excuse.
Accept people as friends before writing to them. The Facebook interface has this backwards but you can get banned all the same for following that idiosyncrasy of the interface.

Creating a group inside Facebook with the Facebook name/word in it – its trademarked you know. Creating a website outside of facebook with the facebook name in it. Hijacking the accounts of others – only a hacker would do this one Using an image that you do not have the authority to use – tens of thousands do this. Using the facebook email like its twitter. Surprise it’ s not, there is a chat facility for that and its what facebook now suggests you use.

We see two forms of general problems that people fall prey to just before getting banned or suspended.
One of them, which includes posting obvious unartistic nude pictures and hacking etc., is a pretty blatant activity on the part of the user and the reasons for getting banned are obvious enough.

The other “I got banned, woe be me look” is more frequently caused by the user inadvertently triggering a time constraint applied to **spammers**.

The other class of activity is time based. Sending 400 emails in a month is generally ok. Sending 400 emails all in one day is not. When you get a warning about a certain activity, lets say it was writing on walls, you are NOT told how long before you can continue that activity.

If however you are reading this after having gotten suspended or banned, there is a resolution email on the site that you can attempt to plead your case to.

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