A Few Things You Need To Know About Pet Grooming

Every pet owner is responsible for his pet’s well-being. If you take really good care about your pet, he will be healthy, beautiful and satisfied, and you will be proud of him. Your new dog or cat, or any other animal, should be treated as a family member. So, here are some things every responsible pet owner needs to know about pet grooming.

The first and the most important thing is to make sure your little furry friend is perfectly healthy. Find a good vet to take care about regular vaccination and proper maintenance. Regular checks will be scheduled by your selected vet, and it’s up to you to decide when it is needed to take your pet there in the meantime.

Your pet should be fed with appropriate food. If you aren’t sure which food to choose, consult your pet’s breeder or your vet. Give your furry friend appropriate amounts of good quality food to keep him in good condition. Ask the vet if any food supplements are needed as well.

Pets have to be clean and tidy, and sometimes they have to take a bath. Bathing dogs too frequently isn’t recommended, once in every three months is more than enough. Nevertheless, if you have to do it, don’t hesitate, especially during summer. Just remember to use very mild shampoos.

Cats usually don’t require baths unless you have to prepare them for shows or they get especially dirty. Both dogs and cats should always be brushed before bathing, to remove all dead and tangled hair. Use lukewarm water and don’t ever spray it directly to their eyes or ears. Gently massage their coats using mild shampoo and rinse them thoroughly.

Use some soft towel and a blow dryer to dry their hair. Some animals aren’t very happy to see a blow dryer, but if you let them to examine this strange object first, it could help. If not, keep them inside, where is warm, until they are completely dry. You don’t want them to get cold.

It is quite important to brush their hair regularly. Some breeds are really easy to maintain, because they have smooth and short hair. In this case, brush them once a week. If your pet has longer hair prone to tangling, daily brushing is required. Brushing is really beneficial for all pets, because it keeps both hair and skin healthy and clean.

Active animals mostly wear down their nails. If not, these nails might become too long, and you have to trim them. Regular nail trimming is very important. Dogs with dewclaws must have these nails removed, because they can grow and pierce their skin, causing unwanted injuries.

Professional grooming is the easiest solution. Good, reliable professional groomer will make sure your furry friend is always in a perfect condition. Reliable, experienced groomer knows the best handling techniques, safety procedures and even the most appropriate trimming styles for each breed. Your furry friend deserves to get the best you can give him.

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