Defining a Purchasing Strategy for Poly Tubing

Poly Tubing, a common word for Polyethylene Tubing, has become a fast growing alternative to poly bags and poly sheeting among many businesses and manufacturers seeking the convenience and cost cutting benefits of clear poly tubing.

Shopping for Poly Tubing

Before you decide on a distributor of poly tubing, you might be interested in how to purchase this product.

Poly Tubing is widely available on the internet from companies like Most manufacturers do not sell their product directly, and when they do, they sell it for a higher price. Additionally, no one manufacturer has every polyethylene product available. For that reason, most businesses look for quality distributors from whom to buy their clear poly tubing and bags.

Here are some tips in purchasing your Poly Tubing:

* New distributors of poly tubing come in and out of business all the time. Look for a distributor that has operated for at least 2. The complexities of the uses and applications of poly tubing and bags demand someone with experience, and, of course, you don’t want to purchase from someone who might not be there if you have a question.

* What do large purchasers of poly tubing and bags look for? Knowledgeable help. Ken Woodruff, who owns Discount Plastic Bags and Packaging, LLC, has been selling clear poly tubing, ziplock bags, and many other polyethylene packaging materials for almost 30 years. Ken tells us that while very small purchasers appreciate his knowledge and help, the big boys often place it ahead of price. “They have a business to run, and can’t afford to make the wrong purchase of find out that they have a product that won’t work.” says Mr. Woodruff.

* Don’t buy blind – purchase with trust. Would you buy your car from just any street vendor? Of course not, and neither should you consider buying from a distributor that you can’t trust. Many people are surprised to find out that the internet distributor they bought from is just a front for a cheap quality manufacturer from China or India.

* Picking a company that has a large variety of plastic bags and poly tubing is important. You don’t want to have to do the legwork again if you should have a need for something different like custom poly tubing. For that reason, the best look for a distributors that has a wide selection and knowledgeable representative.

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