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Designing a website is not an easy job, and for sure, you must have worked very hard on it by using your creativity and devoting time to it. After designing, it’s high time you publish it on the internet. In case of web hosting, a lot of people remain confused about whether to opt for paid web hosting or free service. Yes, the costs involved with paid services are low, but still, it’s a cash outflow.

Web hosting basically makes your site available for the general public to see, and the public can check out your site and communicate with you if they intend to purchase something. There are many ways of conducting web hosting. So it is very important that you be aware of what features you require for your site, and select a service accordingly in order to save you unnecessary costs. If the designed website is a personal one, then you must take a decision about which type of web hosting service do you need. Many web hosting services are available on the internet. You can find them by searching for them online, and you can also check out the various features and plans offered by them.

Different web hosting companies have different features and various plans to suit their clients, which may again be different from that of the competitors. The features that we would discuss are the important ones and need to be checked immediately when you consider a web hosting service.

You should always check how much space is on offer and this can be done by examining the file sizes on their server. It is possible to use sub-domains if space dictates and having excess space will make it possible to do more later. It is also important to check the traffic levels on your site. Some sites will check this regularly for you and it would be in your best interests to find a site that doesn’t impose a limit on how much traffic a site can have. Sites with traffic limits will invariably exceed this limit and prevent visitors from viewing the site. This would create a bad impression and possibly prevent other users from coming to your site.

One solution could be to sign with a free web host provider as this will cost you any money and there are many firms to choose between. There are many great offers available and you could earn between 10-20 MBs of space, you could receive POP3 accounts for email purposes or you could be given FTP access. Many users will think who needs a paid for service with so many benefits of a free service and it would cost a lot to get similar services from a paid for host.

As always though, you should only seek to receive services that you actually need and many web site owners will not require these services. The basic requirements are to have a java script facility and perhaps the ability to show HTML data to viewers of your site. A company that provides shopping facilities will require more like SQL databases but other firms will not.

If you look closely into the picture, you will be able to take a much better and an informed decision. You can go for a paid or a free service provider depending on what purpose you need the website for. Also bear in mind that you might just be considering the image that the web host has in the market. In case of free service providers, you won’t be charged money, be sure about it, but they would place ad banners, pop-up windows, hot links or other such objects on the site which you might not appreciate. This will result in the look of the site being hampered and will irritate the visitors as well. The domain name of your site will also be long in that case, so the scope of traffic increasing to your site would be very low. People might not visit your site again if they forget he site’s URL, and it’s certainly not worth expecting every visitor to bookmark your site for future reference. To add to it, your site won’t be reflected so easily in results from search engines, so on the popularity chart, your site would be unlikely to cross a certain level.

Having a personal website can play a major role in the image you project to future employers or business associates. Offering a business card which states your email address is, is not going to make you look professional. Similarly, having a portfolio hosted at an address of, would create an uncomfortable time for you. Ensure your website and email address backs up the professionalism you offer in other aspects of life.

A good personal website is what most professionals are considering today. Nothing succeeds like success, as a famous proverb goes. If you have a website like or an email like, then it would certainly add to your professionalism. So you might very well invest some money in going for a paid web host service even for a personal website as it would be very helpful to you wherever you go. So don’t simply follow people who opt for free service providers. They might have their own reasons to do so, and if not, they will suffer because of their lack of visible professionalism, while you would have the last laugh. Also, if visitors experience any problem with a free host provider, they won’t bother visiting the site again, while chances of problems in paid services are far too less.

A free host would do well for you if your site is not linked with your image. Suppose if you create a site just for sharing your experiences, and the visitors are just your immediate friends and family members, then going for paid services is a waste of money. Also, if you are not too familiar with the world of web hosting, then a free service might just do for you as you would gain some knowledge about how it works before moving on to the paid service. These are some reasons why the popularity of free service providers has increased so much of late.

These factors and more is what you need to consider but any decision must be based upon what your site needs. A site for business requires a paid hosting service but a site for personal reasons can exist very happily on a free provider.

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