Getting Free Stuff from Your Web Host

There are numerous free programs and scripts to take advantage of, if you are considering a web hosting account with MySQL and PHP support. These free programs and scripts have powerful shared capabilities. All the web hosting companies, ranging from pricey to free web hosts, have always incorporated certain amount of free stuff. These free stuff ranges from free domain name to free email ID and from free site builders to certain pre-installed scripts such as counters, guest books, and calendars. In fact, nowadays you can also find bells, toys and whistles to install on your web pages, which include a number of applications and scripts. The free stuff enable you to set up one of dozens of online forum, serve classified ads, select from a huge number of photo albums and image galleries as well as to offer dating services and auction listings. As a whole, you can do anything on the Internet with the help of these free applications and scripts.

One of the best free services you can find on the internet is definitely Fantastico. This is a script installer that is web based and allows you to get numerous free gifts to add to your web site. Fantastico will also allow the user to control around 12 systems for managing content. There are also a number of additional packages and features that can be accessed. These products range from blog facilities, forms, carts for the shopping process like Zen Cart or OS Commerce in addition to a range of FAQ makers and half a dozen options to provide customer support.

Some of the free stuff that the web hosting companies offer:

Free Domain Name: Most of the web hosting service providers offer a free domain name registration. In order to enjoy this facility you need to use the same organization for domain registration as well as for web hosting. Some of these companies also safeguard your confidential business information from general public. However, there is a risk that the web hosting company may tend to keep your website as a hostage if you want to move to a different web host all of a sudden. Thereby, ensure that the domain name is registered in your name.

Items like Portals and Content Management Systems: This is another name as a web site constructor and this makes it simple for a web owner to have extra pages or less pages and allows them to alter the content of their site. Many of the companies who provide web hosting facilities offer this service. Some of the modules that can be used to do this include adding shopping carts, polls, a service based on instant messaging and even forum or discussion boards. It is also possible to offer authentication processes for the end user as well installing security measures for the site. Mambo, Joomla, Post-Nuke, Xoops and Drupal are among the companies who offer web host facilities that offer this range of content management features. The facilities are provided by software that is open source and they an offer user support features that are different from what the normal web host provides. There is also the ability to find some new features on offer too.

Blogging capabilities: Blogs are extremely popular and through a setup script at no charge, many web host firms offer this facility. These are great publishing tools as they automatically order your content with the latest work being seen first by viewers. This means they move older material down the page. The popular blogs are Google Blogger and WordPress and these may well be the ones that come with the account from your web host.

The various web hosting companies offering free stuff: It is one of the most popular Web space providers and offers you 150 megabytes of space for free. further provides free sub domains and unlimited bandwidth. Moreover, you can also you upload your files very conveniently with the help of FTP or even by using online EasyUpload utility of They also offer several free website development options including a message board and a guestbook. Seven is a lucky number for some and with 700 MB of space and 7,000 monthly bandwidth megs at no cost, it is obvious why this site is extremely popular. There is the ability to get a sub domain or use one that already exists. This site offers support for MySQL, PHP Or FTP.

ZeroCatch: A user can get up to 100 megs of space for free and this makes it one of the best web host feature providers. There are banner ads on the site and the service is fast and reliable. In addition, users can benefit from promotion for their site and FTP assistance, as well as many other features. ZeroCatch also offer a “partnership” program to have an even large pull towards your site. This means that you can become a web space provider. This web hosting company provides a choice of domains and 100 megs of space. You can also enjoy unlimited web traffic. even offers a number of free stuff for you web site such as detailed site stats, complete FTP access, a guestbook, a great selection of sub domains to choose from as well as online forms. With you free web hosting accounts further provides advance site building software that enables you to make professional looking pages such as Flash enabled sites. You will also get a free “catch all” E-mail service that allows you to choose a variety of email addresses which will finally go to one particular mail box. If you want to search for what free hosting services can be found on the Web, this site has a database with over 200 listings. Domain hosting, ASP and PHP are among the services on offer. If domain and sub domain hosting is what you require from a site then this may be for you. There is also the option of Web space with no upper limit and unlimited bandwidth. There is the incentive that if your site generates a large amount of traffic that a free domain may be on offer. There is also the standard PHP support, FTP functions and MySQL assistance.

5GBFree: After a simple registration, you can have 5 gigs of space free from this web host provider. There are no ads on this site which is good for many users and they also offer Perl Scripting, PHP and around 10 MySQL databases. In addition, you can bring your own domain or get a sub domain for free from 5GBFree.

MyHosting247: This is a very popular free Web hosting service that enables you to have a hefty 5 gigs of Web space, 20 MySQL databases as well as 20 gigs of monthly bandwidth. The other lucrative features of MyHosting247 include a file manager, PHP hosting and FTP hosting. Moreover, this web hosting service puts no banner ads your web pages and also allow you to host your own domain and sub domain.

ProHosting: With up to 50 megs of space on the web free, ProHosting is a very popular site. A user is granted CGI access and there is also the ability to have an FTP account. With an online site builder facility and a provision of email services, ProHosting offers a great level of support for customers.

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