Learn How To Choose Between The Top Rated Models With Smart TV Reviews

You’ve decided that the time has come to upgrade your television set and purchase one of the new breed – a Smart TV, but with so many options, manufacturers, styles and price ranges, how do you even begin to decide?

We’ve researched the top Smart TV’s on the current market and created smart TV reviews, this is a list we’ll be expanding all the time, so to avoid that store sales person blinding you with technology and gimmicks, check out our 7 features that all Smart sets should include.

Picture – this is quite simply the most important feature to pay attention to and outranks all other features. If for whatever reason you choose a TV with a picture you’re not happy with, your whole viewing experience will be tainted, if not ruined and the chances are you’ll never be satisfied.

Decide which LED option interests you the most – LCD or Plasma. LCD sets can often handle fast moving sports or movie scenes better, but Plasma sets offer richer colors and deeper black levels. LCD screens have been noticeably lighter and don’t suffer from screen burn, which has affected Plasma screens since their inception.

3D – there are two versions of 3D available at the moment, the passive infra-red glasses which are cheap and cheerful, but can show screen flicker or the more advanced active IR setup, with shutter frame innovations to remove flicker on the screen and provide a more stunning picture. As this second option is more expensive, always check which type and how many glasses are included with a new TV.

Smart TV Functions – basically this includes all the latest gadgets and gizmos that manufacturers bundle into their sets to make them stand out and in theory make your life easier. Features will include social media widgets to keep up to date automatically, Wi-Fi enabled inside the set and some sort of installer program that allows you to synchronize all of your electronic gadgets around the house with the TV. Green technology handles the power saving functions which now generally include motion sensor deactivation TV settings – to save you money on you bills.

Sound – an unfortunate downside to the advent of the smart TV has been the decline in sound quality compared to the previous CRT range of televisions. Do your homework on this feature if possible by checking out the set in a store. Many TV enthusiasts simply accept that you need to connect a separate external speaker system to fully do justice to the new smart TV range.

Green TV – with the beautiful large modern screens come larger energy bills due to the extra power used. Smart TV manufacturers are trying a redress the balance by implementing motion sensor cut-off settings, which can put the TV in sleep mode when the sensors detect nobody is watching the set. TV sets feature a range of settings from the TV dimming to decreasing levels of brightness, to complete shut-off.

Size – we’ve seen people that buy TV’s so large that they overlap doors and windows, this doesn’t look good. The shoehorned into a too-small space looks ill conceived and denigrates the actual beauty of the screen to be a stand out feature in your room. Don’t forget stores have larger dimensions than your house unless you’re Bill Gates, so measure the space in your room before purchasing the set.

Price – the cost of a set is usually a major deciding factor for a purchase. Think of a maximum price you can afford and then budget accordingly, taking into account discounts, delivery and extras. If you’re interested in an older model of a newly updated range, you might snag a bargain. Remember that most technology products quickly decrease in price after launch, so waiting just a few months after release will save you substantial amounts of money on most smart TV sets.

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