Site Rubix – Not Your Momma’s Website Designer

by James Comer

Awesome! Wealthy Affiliate’s new website designer software knocked my socks off. Now, I could stop here, but then I’d be doing you a disservice by keeping it to myself and not sharing what Site Rubix is all about. Maybe you are aware- or not- that Wealthy Affiliate has been quietly turning out successful graduates of Affiliate Marketing University quite awhile now. There is just so much information, support, and tools that are cutting edge that the space I have in this article doesn’t do it justice.

These days, one of the obstacles for affiliate marketers is website design. It’s not that easy to create a clean, professional website. To design a well organized website. Creating an efficient website can literally mean the difference between filet mignon or rice and beans. Speak with anyone who is a successful internet marketer and you’ll quickly discover that all you have is a couple of seconds to capture your visitor’s attention before they return to the search engine give the sale to someone else.

Your time is best served by focusing your efforts on the most crucial aspect of affiliate marketing. Introducing Site Rubix from the creators of Wealthy Affiliate.

Site Rubix is literally a drag and drop phenomenon you have to see to believe. No Html experience necessary at all. No previous website design experience necessary at all either. You might even want to market your new found web design skills on the side and earn some extra money.

I’ve got a question for you. How much did you pay for Photoshop the last time you bought it? Could you even afford it? I bet it cost upwards of $500-1000 depending on your area. Though it’s a good program- you are not going to need an expensive program like that one. It’s capabilities are so vast. The small price you pay pales in comparison to how much similar programs will set you back.

As if I haven’t told you enough- what else is Site Rubix capable of? Would you like to be able to duplicate pages or even whole sites with the click of your mouse? You can with Site Rubix.

You can upload your own images and banners so that you can reuse them on many different sites. Site Rubix allows you to view, organize and manage your “media” in a very well laid out interface.. and it looks great too!

Prepare yourself to be blown away when you are using Site Rubix. There is no comparison for true drag-n-drop site creation. You’ll find that it doesn’t matter if you are building landing pages or marketing your website design services- Site Rubix will fulfill your needs.

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