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Designing a website is not an easy job, and for sure, you must have worked very hard on it by using your creativity and devoting time to it. After designing, it’s high time you publish it on the internet. In case of web hosting, a lot of people remain confused about whether to opt for paid web hosting or free service. Yes, the costs involved with paid services are low, but still, it’s a cash outflow.

If you want people to view your site and interact with you and maybe buy things, you need to have your site hosted. The choices of which host to use are varied which means you need to do a lot of research to find what is best for you. Make sure you know what features you need and then look for these issues in a host. Making the right decision can save a lot of money and if your site is a personal one, you may not need every feature available. There area many hosts offering many features but you need to compare them to get the best plan for you.

Each web host firm is different and there are a variety of plans to choose from, some more right for a user than others. There are important issues to consider and these are the ones that should impact on your decision.

You should always check how much space is on offer and this can be done by examining the file sizes on their server. It is possible to use sub-domains if space dictates and having excess space will make it possible to do more later. It is also important to check the traffic levels on your site. Some sites will check this regularly for you and it would be in your best interests to find a site that doesn’t impose a limit on how much traffic a site can have. Sites with traffic limits will invariably exceed this limit and prevent visitors from viewing the site. This would create a bad impression and possibly prevent other users from coming to your site.

Some people consider signing up with a free provider to be a great tactic as it requires no outlay on their behalf. Some of the free providers are able to offer an attractive 10-20 MBS of space whereas others offer POP3 email services. Other free providers may provide FTP access. These features make many people believe that the end is night for paid for web hosting services but this may not necessarily be the case.

As always though, you should only seek to receive services that you actually need and many web site owners will not require these services. The basic requirements are to have a java script facility and perhaps the ability to show HTML data to viewers of your site. A company that provides shopping facilities will require more like SQL databases but other firms will not.

Understanding the full situation will enable the best decision to be made. A free service may offer you what you need but will it be enough? Many free hosts can offer the service at no cost because they place advertisements on your site and this is not a great image for many people. There may not be a financial cost but you can pay through having pop-up ads, banners, hot links and many other objects on your site. This can make your site look cramped and be unattractive to many users. This free service will also ensure you have a long domain name and this can hamper the number of visitors you receive. A long name may put off many potential visitors and may dissuade them from making you a favorite. This name will also impact on the popularity of your site on search engines which can affect your sites overall effectiveness.

Having a personal website can play a major role in the image you project to future employers or business associates. Offering a business card which states your email address is name@freeserver.com, is not going to make you look professional. Similarly, having a portfolio hosted at an address of something.freehost.com, would create an uncomfortable time for you. Ensure your website and email address backs up the professionalism you offer in other aspects of life.

When every advantage counts having a reliable and welcoming personal website is important for today’s modern professional. Success breeds success so it is important to seem successful and having a website like www.yourname.com or having an email that reads products@yourname.com would be extremely professional. Placing some money into these issues and obtaining the services of a paid service for web hosting is going to be of great benefit. Free services are okay for some but not for everyone and if you need to succeed and show professionalism then you should avoid them. Having a paid for service is likely to reduce the chances of your site breaking down so visitors can have more confidence in your site.

If image is not important then a free host can do the job. If the site is for friends and family to enjoy there is no need to waste money on this service. A free service can also be good as it would force you to learn about web hosting and you would gain good knowledge from it. This is a reason why free hosts are increasing in popularity with some users.

These factors and more is what you need to consider but any decision must be based upon what your site needs. A site for business requires a paid hosting service but a site for personal reasons can exist very happily on a free provider.

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