Writing Quality PPC Ad Copy

There are lots of different ways to make your PPC ad campaign work. Start by picking keywords, bid for them, then make sure your ads are working and making money for you. However, the way the ad reads is very important, too. It’s the component that convinces the customer to click.

These three lines of text might be small, but they’re the springboard for the rest of your campaign. They have to be noticeable, encourage potential customers to read, and then to click on them. If that doesn’t work, then all the best plans will be worthless.

Conventional marketing tricks just don’t work with PPC. Pay per click has become its own marketing enigma where everything you know about advertising has been reinvented. At the same time, many novices are finding it to be their ticket for success. To get your campaign to work you need to understand how those three little lines of ad copy work, and the last thing you want to try and do is cram in too much information. Less really is more in this case.

Like many other situations, the 80/20 rule applies. Here, it means that the majority of an ad’s effectiveness is in the headline – about 20% of the ad itself. This is true in other forms of writing, and it’s definitely true in a PPC ad campaign. In fact, in a PPC campaign, this is even more true, since there’s no way to make up for a bad headline.

Your ad’s copy has to be perfect, or as close to it as possible. You have a few available words to sell your site, so the words you use must be the right ones, and spelling and punctuation are very important. A wrong word or a spelling mistake can mean you’re kissing customers good bye- and your money, too! Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, the finished product looks unprofessional, and people who would have normally clicked on that ad will avoid it.

Make sure you get the customer’s attention. Remember, you’re competing against other ads here, so maybe do some research and see what the others are doing. Standing out in a crowd can be difficult, but when you do everyone notices you. Concentrate on that headline and grab the customer’s attention, then make them need to know what’s on offer when they click.

Keyword placement is important, too. Use your keyword phrase (or a variant of it that makes sense as a sentence) in the headline itself. Then, make sure your next line is relevant and eye-catching. Don’t use meaningless phrases such as “quality service” or tell the customer how long you’ve been in business. Even if you offer great products and services, viewers need something that will make you stand out from the rest.

The last line of your ad is important, too. Use it to tell the viewer what’s best about your product, or use it to highlight an offer or deal. This will increase the chances of a click through and an eventual sale. Never use deceptive wording to get more clicks, however. A click that doesn’t result in a sale is a wasted one, because you pay for it anyway.

PPC campaigns aren’t easy to write and require some careful thought Make sure your ad gets attention by following these guidelines and you’ll be seeing lots of clicks in no time.

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