How to Make Your Sales Simple?

Did you know that you can actually double your sales in as little as 12 months? No matter what sector you sell in, no matter how long your business has been established, no matter how your business is structured, you can double your sales volume in just 12 months. Rod McKinnis, veteran sales expert claims in his latest book Sales Is Simple: From Luck to Leverage. McKinnis should know what he’s talking about having being in charge of sales divisions for several Fortune 500 companies and during his tenure he’s been responsible for sales growth for over 63 offices in 30 states.

” Most sales trainers focus on tactics and strategies and they never focus on the strengths and God given abilities of each individual sales person. I wrote this book to help every sales person overcome sales identity crisis and lay a foundation for future success,” says McKinnis, founder and CEO of The McKinnis Consulting Group

One of the highlights of the book includes identifying four types of buying habits or decision making traits such as Commanders, Performers, Analyzers, and Empathizers. There’s even a personal story about an older woman who initially invested only $25,000 because the sales person didn’t recognize her personality. Once the management team did an analysis they realized that the life need for the woman included being open and very relational and it resulted in a million dollar sale.

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