A Great Art Gallery Will Provide Much Beauty

Koki Doktori is an expressionist painter in the abstract style of late modernism. His canvasses in oil reflect the avant garde New York school. Moving from Iraq to Tel Aviv and then on from Tel Aviv to New York in the 1970s were life experiences that influenced his art to express separation, alienation, adaptation and confrontation. These images have been exhibited in the US National Gallery, the Jewish Museum and the Guggenheim. Anyone wishing to see them for themselves in an art gallery today would be well advised to visit the Mark Gallery, Englewood, New Jersey.

Another renowned contemporary artist whose works can be seen at the art house is Jeffrey Maron. His tough, beautiful sculpture has a distinctly spiritual and mystical quality. Maron has a long history of exhibiting in New York and elsewhere. His work is proudly displayed in many corporate, public and private collections. Paradoxes of the religious and sensual abound in his animist pieces.

The curators of art galleries often create group shows based on a particular theme, art trend, or set of associated artists. In the contemporary art field these themes can include abstract expressionism, Photo realism, Minimalism, Street Art, Colour Field, realism, or post minimalism. All these styles say something about current issues. Such artists all express the nature and evolution of the multi-media, avant garde modern world.

Many websites serve as on-line galleries. These e-businesses promote visual art to would-be investors. Another version of the e-commerce art house is the on-line secondary market, which plugs exhibitions rather than tries to sell directly. There are factors which limit the on-line commercial art house. Art can not be seen as intended in natural light. The viewer can not walk around the object to see it in three dimensions or from varying angles.

These widely divergent concepts are all part of the contemporary art scene. Without an art house, they would remain obscure. Privately owned art houses bring modern art to the wider audience, normally at no cost to the audience.

One leading contemporary artist is Richard Kooyman. He quotes James Joyce’s belief that the best art “grabs the viewer and arrests them and turns their focus outward from themselves”. Kooyman hopes that his own art will make the beholder focus their attention outward and be moved by the expansive beauty of the painted surface.

The art gallery is a place for the creations of the artists’ imaginations to be exposed to critical view. Contemporary art galleries in particular, choose to show pieces that demand the viewer to reconsider ideas of the evolutionary process that brought them to this society. The Mark Gallery is the ideal place to reflect on these notions.

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