Events Insurance: Make Sure You Are Covered

Successful event planning often comes down to giving enough attention to detail. It is simple to dismiss items as trivial matters but when unforeseen circumstances occur you will be glad you made the right backup plans and had adequate cover.

When planning events, whether they be corporate or entertainment, a successful experienced event planner will be properly prepared and consider good team communication with regular meetings ensuring objectives are met, have a detailed event plan with timeline, double check on speakers and other performers and triple check everything just to make sure.

However even with the best laid plans and perfect communication, things can still go wrong and this is where it is critical to ensure you have purchased adequate event insurance. It is important that you are adequately covered for a potential incident that could occur whether it be to one of your guests or even a member of your team. Even if you are not liable an incident could still lead to costly action arising.

Whether you are planning a motorsport event, summer flower festival, family wedding or musical concert, event insurance is essential to make sure the enjoyment of your guests is not spoiled.

Make a list of potential hazards that could affect the staging of the event and what liabilities may arise should this occur. Possible disruptions may include a drastically lower turn out than expected hitting predicted revenue, natural calamities, speakers not showing up and strikes. It’s vital to calculate the legal as well as monetary consequences of disruptions occurring and get adequate insurance to cover them.

The level of event insurance cover required will depend on the scale of the event and vary but covered can be provided to include cancellation and abandonment, public liability, employer’s liability, and non-appearance.

Many different occurrences may affect the chances of your event taking place or not and most of these are generally out of your control. These may be damage inflicted on the venue, loss of power or severe weather conditions. Cancellations will often still result in a significant amount of expenses still having to be paid including refunded tickets, marketing and promotional costs and bills from suppliers.

Often equipment needed for a large event is very expensive and loss, damage and theft can cause serious issues with regards to cost and time. A reliable insurance company will be able to assist and guide you with dealing with these types of claims post event. Finally it is important to acknowledge that the unexpected can and sometimes does happen. Therefore getting the necessary event insurance in place beforehand can give you peace of mind and enable you to enjoy the event along with all of your guests.

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