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Are you searching your little corner of sun splattered heaven on earth? If you are youre for certain not alone!

Many Another Northern Europeans, Americans and Canadians are searching international for investment funds real estate or for a holiday bolt hole and if youre considering buying a second home in the sun, a home from home abroad or an investment property overseas and youre in a hurry to get started, these top 10 home purchase abroad hints for success should set you off in the right guidance.

1.Lawful Advice
Legal systems differ from country to country so never assume that you understand how exactly the full house purchase procedure is moving to work, and never look things to needs go exactly your direction! To be assured of the fact that your personal interests are being looked after and that you, your money and your property are 100% secure, legal and valid its most-valuable to seek independent legal representation in the country youre considering buying property in.

This is specially true if youre buying property in a country where you do not speak the words. You will be setting your name, signature and stick to contracts and legally binding documentsand however pleasant and helpful the real estate agent or vendor are its in your own best interests to make sure you have a local lawyer whos in your pay representing you at such times.

2.Build Times
If you purchase off programme or youre self-building or renovating abroad you need to factor contingency into your overall time planning. Weather, seasonal pressure levels, holidays, availableness of most-valuable building materials ” the list of factors that can adversely impact the build time of a house is almost endless! Your builder may confidently assure you that your property will be complete by a given date, and yet, depending on where in the world youre buying your property, the completion date is likely to always be delayed! Its just one of those things.

3.Fixing a Virtual Budget
Another element, like time, that can often spiral a little out of control is the budget. Often were told that we should add an extra 10 – 20% on to any purchase price for fees and taxes; thats all very well, but actually you have to factor extra money into your budget for things like seeing your second property abroad during and after the build phase, extras like light fittings, curtains, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, the application for and connecter of vital services, removal costs and/or furniture purchase costs, satellite TV installation, air conditioning or heating installation, car rental. If you have a set budget limit its important to sit down and work backwards including all the potential extras and fees and then see exactly how much is left for your property purchase. Dont be caught out and seduced by the sunshine, set budgetary limits before getting on the plane!

4.Ongoing Communication
If youre buying a brand new property abroad ” either off plan or during its build phase ” make sure you have some way of keeping in reach with the developer or managing agent. Ask in advance about how often you will be kept up to date with progress, whether they can email or send you regular visual updates and what level of ongoing communication you can expect for them. Buying property is a very big consignment ” financially and emotionally ” its important youre not left in the dark, sitting back home wondering how on earth your investment is coming along. Sort out your lines of communication before you sign on the dotted line and make sure youre entirely comfortable with how the process will work.

5.Overseeing & Dealing
If you self-build abroad or purchase to freshen up you will need someone on site or in the vicinity of the property to oversee and manage the on-going build process. If you employ someone to take on the project management you need to be assured of their experience and credentials, you also need to comfortable with any language or social differences and that they will not affect the successful outcome of the project. Ask for references, ask to see other properties they have managed, ask to see qualifications. In terms of language and cultural differences you need to make sure your words will be understood and interpreted correctly, you also need to be sure that any instructions are passed on correctly to the builders. Employing the right project manager is a very important task! Get it right and the project should be a dream, get it wrong and the concept of stress is one that you will become increasingly familiar with!

6.What You Realize Versus What You Gain
If youre buying off plan or remotely (e.g., from the comfort of your arm chair back home) you need written confirmation that what you see is what you get. All too often agents will show you the top of the range property and end when your budget is going to buy you something more or less different. You need every detail confirming from the size and location of the plot, the size of the property with each room broken down, detailed floor plans with the location of windows, doors and integral items (from air conditioners to kitchens), the finish on doors, walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, external areas etc. And get some idea of the build quality. You might expect the quality to be on a par with what you have back home but you could be mistaken, what if there is no damp course or no cavity wall for example?! If possible visit other sites that the particular developer or builder has already completed to see the standards to which he builds to, and have all important site completion details written in to the contract with a clause stating you do not hand over final monies until you are 100% satisfied. Please dont assume anything! So many people get caught out because they dont ask the right questions at the right time.

7.International Mortgages
If possible have any mortgage agreed in principal before jetting off to find your dreaming home in the sun. You need to know exactly how much money you are going to have before making any form of commitment to buy ” even if that is a verbal commitment. In some countries such a commitment is as legally binding as a final contract! Furthermore, make any real estate agent aware that you will be seeking a mortgage for the purchase of any property before setting out. Then, if you find a house you like make sure the purchase contract is conditional to you securing the finance you need.

8.Investment Potency
If youre looking to buy investment property abroad make sure you research the property market of the country youre examining. Look at it from the points of view of stableness, development potential and the runniness of the resale market ” after all, its all very well buying a property that then increases by 30% but what if you cannot then sell it?

Check out about both the local and overseas taxation liabilities relating to foreign property purchase, rental, resale and gains. As taxation issues and liabilities change on a country by country basis you have to make sure you do your own detailed research but expect to face purchase tax in the country youre buying in, gains tax if you sell within a given period and profit from the sale, also expect to pay some form of income tax either back home or in the country in which the property is located if you rent it out for an income.

10.Property Purchase via an Offshore Company
The pick to establish an offshore company for the purchase of real estate abroad is an option available to most people, but whether it is an appropriate course of action to take depends on many factors. Such factors include where in the world you wish to purchase, the value of the property and the laws relating to foreign ownership of real estate in that country. By using an offshore company to buy abroad an somebody can sometimes avoid or reduce their taxation liability, avoid certain expenses and even laws. But the applicability of this option is something that can only be determined on an individual, case by case basis.

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