How to start real estate wholesaling if I don’t have any money?

If I was starting out and did not have any money here is what I would do and, by the way, this is exactly what I did.

Well, if you don’t know anything about wholesaling real estate and have no money to invest, you will need to have a job and get to work to make some cash so you can live, and then work to build into full time real estate.

What I would recommend is to find your real estate clubs and start networking, talking to real estate investors in your area. Be very bold and tell people you are new and eager to learn. Ask each investor you meet: “Is there any way we can do some business together real fast?” Most of them will say yes. Then push the conversation and find out how you can help the investor either buy or sell properties and make a little money.

The key when you first start is not doing your first deal – it is the learning process; and the only way to learn is to “jump in amongst it”. If you will ask this question to every investor you meet, sooner or later you are going to find someone whom you will be able to help and to learn from.

This is the key: once you start, you will soon find a way to flip your first deal. Either you will meet sellers or you will meet buyers through connections that you make. It is very easy – and cost nothing but time.

This is how I met a lot of my mentors in the business. As I was doing that I was developing the skills I needed to get into the business full time.

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