Not Just Another Semi-Helpful Service for Real Estate Agents

Anyone in the real estate community has noticed that there are many, many resources and sites promoted as THE most necessary and helpful aid for every agent. Most of this is just hype. Most of the promoted resources, sites, programs, publications, etc. are semi-helpful at best. And that’s being kind. After a bit of time fielding these semi-helpful suggestions, most agents decide that ALL proposed helpful aids are going to fall into the same semi-helpful category that isn’t worth messing with.

I’ve accessed my fair share of “services” for agents and I agree…most of them are semi-helpful at best. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t those services out there aimed at making the lives of real estate agents easier that actually DO make the lives of real estate agents easier! I’ve found a few in my time. can be a handy tool; especially when you’ve got a client that likes to be ultra involved in the process. It offers address lookup with detailed info on the property, aerial views of the house, the neighborhood and the area. It definitely has possibilities that are above “semi-helpful.” is my most recent epiphany when it comes to real estate agent services that are actually helpful. Agents access the site, spend two minutes completing an online registration for their new home buying client and then sit back and relax as relevant inventory, promotions, special pricing offers, etc. roll in from appropriately matched builders participating in the system. The online registration serves as a blanket registration for all the participating builders.

Builders then have access to your info so they can contact you and let you know immediately when they’ve got something that suits the needs of your clients. Agents benefit from the blanket registration as well as the immediate knowledge of what’s out there and why it’s perfect for their clients. Not only do you get to look brilliant and all knowing, but you get to avoid the possibility of losing your commission when your client wanders into a new home community on their own.

Any service that keeps me from losing money I’ve earned is more than helpful…it’s inspired. So if you haven’t been to the inspired site yet…you better get over there and get yourself covered. You never know when your client is going to wander out to a new home community on a whim that will result in thousands of dollars out of your pocket! And while you’re at it…get used to saying That way it will roll right off your tongue the next time a client insists they need access to the mls to get the information they need to make a decision. Public access has never been so handy…don’t you agree?

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