Selling Real Estate for a Profit

Are you thinking about investing your money in real estate? Though the market is leveling and the rate of increase isn’t what it used to be, investing in real estate can be a huge money maker. It’s not as easy as some think though. Here are some tips to buying property and turning it around to make a profit.

If you’re familiar with investing your money in stocks and bonds then you’ll see some similarities with investing in property but there are many differences. One of the largest difference is the timing. Stocks and bonds can be bought and sold within days or even minutes and a profit can be made. Buying and then selling real estate will take at least months. Stocks and bonds can be bought when they are at a low price and then quickly sold when the price increases. Property investment needs to be done when the prices are low in the market but are expected to rise. Unlike stocks, the prices do not tend to fluctuate daily. Instead, the trends in the market should be studied in weeks, months and years.

There are also other differences you need to be prepared for. There is a large amount of money needed for property investment compared to stocks which can be just a few dollars a share. You’ll not only need money for the initial purchase and any upgrades to the property, but you will need to be willing to let the property sit unsold until the market is advantageous.

With all of these seemingly unattractive investment opportunities, buying and selling property has historically been a wise return on investment. The best thing to do is not to think short term. Property values go up and down in cycles but if you look over a long period you will almost always see that the value will increase and a profit is substantial.

When searching for property in Alicante or anywhere, timing is key. You’re goal is purchasing a property at a low price but in actuality has a value (with or without renovation) much higher. Look for properties that are in foreclosure which can sell up to 35 percent under the market price. Check the internet or local newspapers for listings and auctions. Another way to find a property below the market rate is to look in areas that are predicted to increase in popularity in the near future. Poorer areas on the border of cities have recently been the height of property investment. Cities are investing money in improvements and new businesses in these areas.

All of this will take research on your part. Check the trends in cities that are similar to the city you’re thinking about buying in. Take into consideration local politics and look for areas that have received approval for urban renewal. If you can find reasonably priced labor, look for property in disrepair in nice neighborhoods. You can have the home repaired and make a profit regardless of market changes.

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