Understanding Optical Tools

Because the human eye is limited in its visual capacity, man has invented many instruments to help us see objects that are either extremely small, are far away or to help us analyze the properties of various objects. These optical types of instruments are essential tools for many occupations, from medicine to computer science.

One of the main words associated with optical tools is the word scope, which developed from both Greek and Latin words that meant to view, watch or look at an object. There are multiple types of scopes, include several types of telescopes and microscopes. Beyond these optical instruments, we also use scopes to peek inside of objects, whether it is the inner workings of a safe lock or the inside of our body for medical purposes. This could be an endoscope, which is a flexible instrument that can offer doctors a fairly safe way to look for gastrointestinal issues or even cauterize blood vessels or locate and remove polyps.

In addition to the optical items that are implemented to help one see something at a great distant or perhaps something microscopic, there are optical inventions that help us analyze objects and measure their degree, quantity or rate. Each of these devices has been created to analyze something extremely specific and can help make up for our visual deficiencies.

While it might seem like our eyes truly see a great deal, there is a huge amount that is simply not visible, such as gamma rays, ultraviolet light, radio waves and much more. However, we have developed many machines that can measure these rays, waves and light. The oscilloscope, for example, can measure electrical signals as well as radio waves. This has applications in many professions, including diagnosing problems in electrical equipment and even finding electrical issues in our cars and trucks.

Other objects that are used to analyze light include the photometer, which is used to measure the intensity of light. While this has obvious applications in the field of photography, it also is needed to help astronomers measure the amount of light in stars and other celestial objects. Even engineers use photometry to help them determine what type of lighting to use in different types of structures, such as office buildings.

There are many more types of instruments that are used to increase our optical ability, such as the alignment telescope. The alignment telescope is used in many situations to take highly accurate measurements in multiple directions that are perpendicular to the viewer’s sight line.

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