What is Solavei

What exactly is Solavei? It is the industry’s first social commerce company, and has partnered with industry leader, T-mobile, to provide a nationwide 4G unlimited talk, text, and data cell phone plan -at the low cost of $49 per month. The headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington.

How exactly does Solavei function? They depend upon its clients to promote – it’s all referral marketing. So rather than paying Madison Avenue, Solavei pays its clients! Solavei compensates every Member that refers very best freinds and family. With out any contract starting in late August and September, Solavei are in a position to offer a no contract cellphone strategy with Unlimited Talk, Text, and 4G Data for $49 monthly. You can discontinue service anytime.

Is it a internet Marketing Scheme? While this may seem to some like a pyramid or MLM scheme it is not at all. Whilst it has some resemblances linked with an MLM simply because Solavei is banking on word of mouth advertising marketing rather of conventional advertising you will find clear variations. Most MLM companies want you to invest in vitamins, some drink or candles…nearly usually there is something you have to purchase each month in order to keep going. Solavei is not requiring its member to purchase any products….merely letting them save money on cell phone service. This is what Solavei is doing…driving down the price of cellular service for its members and rewarding them for telling friends.

What’s the big deal? Why would I do this? First off, to save significant money on your cell bill. Next, maybe you’d like to refer a few friends and get your cell bill PAID. Beyond that, maybe you’d like an income generating opportunity and would like to go about referring folks in a more directed, purposeful way. It’s all up to you! Snag your prelaunch invite by filling out the box below. Invites are processed at least a dozen times each day. If you don’t receive an invite after a couple of hours, please check your spam box!

How can i enroll? Solavei appears to be in the pre-launch phase before the official launch date. Request a NO OBLIGATION invite below, to ensure that you can pre-register before the launch date. You need to be invited by an associate like me.

Want to learn more about Solavei then stop by Solavei Saving’s site or watch this video about Solavie Espanol and what it can do for you.. Unique version for reprint here: What is Solavei.

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