Getting Into The FMCG Industry

Different Careers Within The FMCG Industry

The FMCG Industry is incredibly fast moving these days. Consumer goods are more in demand than ever and over 200 million Cadburys Crme Eggs are consumed each year in the UK.

It is easy to see how fast the types of consumer goods sell and therefore it becomes obvious how necessary it is to have a constant steady supply of them. There is a lot of work that goes into getting a product placed on a supermarket shelf. There are lots of different people that will have contributed to the placing of that particular product onto the supermarket shelf.

Areas such as sales, marketing, human resources and so on all have their place in the FMCG Industry. There are all sorts of different roles available and lots of big brand names to work for.

Some of the most recognisable brands are included within the FMCG Industry. The industry is worth millions of pounds and is made up of different household products. The products are referred to as being ‘fast moving’ due to the fact that they are often highly perishable and include things such as milk, alcohol, fruit and veg and cleaning products.

There are many different graduate roles available within this industry. Often there are specific vacancies which graduates will wish to apply for in sectors such as sales, marketing, HR and management. Graduate will often choose to begin their careers in an on the job training role. It is an incredibly competitive area to work in and there are on average 120 applications to each single role.

If you are a graduate looking to move into the FMCG industry then it makes sense to register with a specialist recruitment consultant. A recruiter will be able to ensure that your CV gets seen and companies are told about your strong points. With 120 applicants for each job it is easy to see how some CV’s are overlooked.

It makes sense to register with an agency if you are serious about starting a careers in this interesting and evolving industry.

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