And Then I Found A Great Home Business

I am a former truck driver that ran a successful trucking company for fourteen years. Then because of the high cost of fuel and downturn of the economy I was finally driven out of that business. For many years it was good to me.

Truckers bring everything we own so you have to respect them. Just try to think of anything that wasn’t brought by trucks. The only things are water and power.

So I decided to try an online business that I could do from the comfort of my own home. I was tired of working twelve hours a day and getting up at five in the morning. My repair bills were huge and it never seamed to end.

You truckers out there know what I am talking about. So I started searching for the right opportunity only to find that most of them are multi level type of programs. So I tried several of these and one after the other was unsuccessful.

I started to learn that in order to make any business work you have to know how to market it online. But none of these programs showed me how to do this. They provided no training at all.

Not only could I not speak to a live person but they don’t evrn tell you anything about the program until you join up. That’s not a good way to do business. Only people at the top acually make money in programs like that.

If you don’t mind staying in the program for a year or so you might make one or two thousand. That’s why they have a drop out rate that is so high. You can’t make any money.

I aws almost to my end of looking for a home based business. Then my searching had come to an end and I finally found what I was looking for. I wasn’t interested in a business that paid small little comissions.

I badly wanted to make twenty thousand a month. I had set my income goals very high. So with just a little more resaerch I found Big Ticket To Wealth.

This is a well thought out business that provides all the training for you at no extra charge. They show you all the tricks you need to know to become successful quickly. Every week we have live training with the company CEO and at the end we can ask him questions.

You also can reach me anytime you need help. I want you to be successful because it helps me to. When you make your commision of nine hundred dollars for getting someone to join the program I get a bonus of nine hundred dollars.

And it’s the same for you and your people. Now were talking some big bucks. So if you are tired of the same old unsuccessful programs that are out there and you want to be personally trained by me to success visit my site and give me a call. I appreciate letting me share with you what I have learned!

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