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Almost every marketer talks about article marketing these days. It has become a chief strategy for Internet. Due in part to the popularity of the “bum marketing” method, article marketing has two significant characteristics: it works, and it’s free.

Article marketing provides Internet marketers with two important benefits. First, it creates wider exposure for the author and their website. Secondly, it provides valuable inbound links or IBL’s.

As with most bum marketing techniques, article marketing is a numbers game. In order to be effective, it requires ongoing and consistent effort. One article submission may not do much for you, but one article submitted every day for two weeks provides an overall benefit greater than the sum of its parts.

Maximizing your article submission strategy means targeting a single keyword or phrase, one per article. It’s equally important to optimize each article, similar to each page in a website. In fact, each article acts as a one-page mini site.

Optimizing an article for the search engines is very similar to optimizing a webpage. Use your keyword or phrase in the article title, the first paragraph, the last paragraph, and as the anchor text in your link or resource box.

If you follow these few simple steps, your return on investment of time will be maximized. Article marketing should be one part of every Internet Marketer’s multipronged strategy, as it can be extremely effective and very inexpensive.

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