Babies, Blogs and Motherhood

A new mother is so busy adjusting to her new family that blogging is probably the farthest thing from her mind. Caring for a new baby can be overwhelming. Between changing diapers, feeding the baby and washing laundry, it can seem a bit far-fetched to think there would be any spare time for blogging.

Despite all this, more moms are starting to blog than ever before to share their experiences of raising a new baby. Mothers can benefit greatly from blogging, too. Blogs can help you get through the night and connect with far away family.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging for new moms is that it gives them a place to vent about the trials and tribulations of new motherhood. Babies can take awhile to develop good sleeping patterns, which usually has mom up at all hours. With the popularity of the Internet, more moms are choosing to spend this time online rather than just plop down in front of the television. While surfing the net, many moms are discovering that blogging lifts their spirits and helps them feel productive by giving them a place to share their fears, their frustrations and their joys.

Blogging also pulls new moms into a community. For many women, especially in our culture today, raising a new baby can be an isolating experience. Blogs offer a way for moms to connect with others experiencing the same things without the hassle and stress of dragging the baby out to social events where it may be difficult to attend to all of their needs. Many moms find a lot of comfort in knowing they are not alone, and by blogging, they can share their joys and frustrations with others in the same situation.

Blogging is also a great way to share all the joy and love you feel for your new baby. Blogs give you a place to reflect on the ups and downs of motherhood, and share the happiness your little one gives you when she smiles in a sweet, milky way as she falls asleep. Blogs keep you in touch with your friends and family who are not close enough to visit, so they don’t miss baby’s first steps or her first hair cut. With the new technologies online, it is easy to share photos and video clips so no one feels they had to miss out on these precious milestones in the life of your baby.

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