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Big Ticket to Wealth is the first online business to have matching override bonuses on each and every sale that is made within your downline. By having matching override bonuses, there is an incentive for your sponsor to continue to work with you. This company is currently growing at an incredible pace, and will continue to do so over time.

Big Ticket To Wealth gives you the option of joining the business at three different levels.

Level 1). Join the National Package for $797 which pays $300 Immediately

Level 2). Join the Executive Package for $1197 which pays $500 Immediately

Level 3). Presidential Package-$1997 to Join/pays $900 Immediately

In addition, don’t forget that you are entitled to the matching override bonuses with each level!

Big Ticket To Wealth business is the first industry wide Internet company to offer their members flash videos that can be used by them, or sold to other businesses at their price!

Big Ticket To Wealth is notorious for training their members in order to become successful Internet Marketers. There is so much training documentation and videos in the back office that you are bound to succeed. Plus, the CEO does LIVE training through a Webinar/teleconference every Saturday.

Finally, this Big Ticket To Wealth business does 98% of the selling and telling for its members. Gerald Van Yerza (CEO of Big Ticket To Wealth) holds a LIVE presentation each and every week (Monday through Thursday) which will close the deal for most interested prospects that are listening.

Gerald makes our job easy, since he delivers this phenominal presentation each week, and includes a Q&A after each session. This is great for interested prospects, since they can ask the CEO any burning question, or concern before joining Big Ticket To Wealth.

My name is Brian Turk, and it would be my pleasure to have you as part of my Big Ticket To Wealth winning team. I can show you everything that I know when it comes to Internet Marketing, so you can do nothing but succeed in this business.

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