3 Steps To Put Your MLM Downline Training on Autopilot

No matter if you are with Mary Kay or Amway the new Web 2.0 traffic techniques are here. I want to challenge you to learn these new techniques so that you can gain access to the unlimited potential of prospects now available to you on the internet.

The days of the “3 foot rule” are dead for the most part. Stop chasing and bugging your family and friends. Don’t tell your downline to make that warmed over list of 100 people ever again. I live in Montana, so after you pitch your town of 100 people, you are DONE my friend.

In this article I will give you a few ideas about how you can build your MLM business by working smarter, not harder. I can tell you that personally, I have struggled for years trying to do it the old fashioned way, so I know your frustrations.

Tip 1. YOU, Inc. This is the new way to do what is known as Magnetic Sponsoring or Attraction Marketing. No matter that you represent Arbonne or Carbon Copy Pro you need to learn these new skills. This way your list belongs to you, and should you decide to move on, you CAN take it with you.

Tip 2. Sorry to break the news but, most people you are looking for ARE NOT looking for your MLM opportunity. There is a lack of good training and leadership in the marketplace today. If you provide either of those first, then the prospect will follow your example. It is now easier than you think to do this, and do it on autopilot.

Tip 3. Offer your MLM team an automated system of quality video training that is kept up to date. They will be able to duplicate you easily with out your having to hold their hands.

3a. Your MLM training system needs to give your downline training videos on the latest Web 2.0 traffic tactics. 3b. Your lead training system must give them a website, not just a replicated website, but one that they can easily brand themselves, YET NOT NEED ANY HTML SKILLS… 3c.Your training must offer them a series of autoresponder emails written by professional copywriters, so that they can begin followups of their opt in, without struggling about what to write.

It is time to take your MLM Marketing to the 21st century. If you do not know what Web 2.0 is or don’t think you need to implement it, then click the back button now, you are not ready to leave the 90s. If your current organization does not support Web 2.0 tactics… RUN FAR AWAY because they are keeping your broke and tired.

By using a MLM Lead Training System that is automated as described above, you can show your downline how to market to 50-100 prospects a day- every day – 24/7. You just can’t do that the old fashioned way. “Welcome to the Real World, Neo

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