A Working Man’s Dream Vacation

by Jay NaPier

As I sat in the jury room waiting for the time to come to serve my duty as a proper citizen I could not help seeing an article in the magazine \”Why Vacations Sales is the best option for Mortgage Brokers\”. I would never have seen that article if I weren’t captive audience at the time and I had nothing else to do.

It was describing how a mortgage broker can make money by selling private resort vacations instead of selling the property outright. The overall idea was to sell a piece not as a wall or a garage, but to sell you a piece of the condo for a week or two every year. It is affordable for many people, because the all cost is divided between the people that are using the condo.

Housing is so expensive, especially for the choice vacation spots, this made sense to me. I started to think back to a vacation we had taken to Hawaii in the 1980as. We heard an hour sales pitch in exchange for a pair of free tickets to a dinner show.

A man strutted back and forth in front of about fifty people crowded into a hotel conference room. The presentation included a slide show of a well furnished condo on the beach. Before I could remember all the details, my name was called and I had to go up to sign in for jury duty.

After that I came back and I was surprise to see that my magazine is gone, so I started to ask the people that were there if they have seen the magazine that was turned on the article I’ve read. As I look down I saw it under the chair and I sat down and told the man sitting next to me \”Why Vacations Sales is the best option for Mortgage Brokers\”.

\”Ha\” he said.\”I can’t believe it. I had this conversation with my wife. She wants me to buy a resort in Hawaii because she hear from her sister who is a mortgage brokwr that some people are selling their share\”.

And there we were sharing experiences of our vacations in Florida, Maine, Canada, Mexico and discussed that we would want to have an ocean home more that any other thing , but we and every working man simply can not afford it.

I always asked myself if he bought the condo in Hawaii, but if he didn’t someone sure did. Every working man is dreaming of having it’s own resort vacation. That would be the end of paying too expensive prices in hotels and finally have your own vacation with your own furnish and everything that is inside the condo.

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