Does Empower Network Represent Value For Money Or Not?

Is there any real value to becoming an Empower Network member other than the affiliate plan? Today we will be focusing on this topic and revealing why this home based business is certainly not for everyone.

Shortly after making a decision to make money online in their spare time, budding affiliate marketers are then swept up in a tornado of misinformation and hype surrounding every new home business to hit the market. This tends to confuse people.

This particular opportunity was no different, arriving in a whirlwind of hype and misinformation. Like most other new home businesses, there were thousands of affiliates who wasted money and time to no avail, hoping for an overnight method of building a secondary income. Now that the dust has settled we can see things a little bit more clearly.

Any affiliate business provides it’s members with both a product and an earnings opportunity. One of the main secrets to success with any opportunity is finding a company where both things interest you. [

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For example, there are many folks who spend their time hopping between businesses each month and not getting any results. They tend to be drawn in by large pay plans. The products generally get overlooked and they are there purely to make cash as an affiliate. This leads to failure. Think about it, as an affiliate you earn by signing up other members to go get the product package from the company you represent. If that product package is nonsense then it doesn’t really matter how great the affiliate plan is, because you’ll never earn a lot of money selling something which is not value for money.

As a product, Empower Network gives members their own blogging platform. While you could really get a blog for free elsewhere, they justify their $25 membership by stating one simple fact.

They make a big deal out of the fact that the blogging products have authority status within search engines. This makes it easier to gain a higher ranking for content targeted towards keywords which have low-to-medium competition. This would be suitable for somebody trying to gain recognition in a particular niche or possibly take a favorite hobby and develop it into something more.

Things can get very confusing when it comes to the compensation plan, with many members promoting false ideas of how easy it is to build an income. Quite simply, it provides a 100% commission rate which equates to around $25 per sale.

How attracted you are towards a business like Empower Network will depend upon how much you could use a blog with authority status in search engines. If this is something you could use in your quest to make money online with a business or as an affiliate then it’s right up your street. However, if you are merely tempted to join by the large income potential within the pay structure you would be better off finding an opportunity which had products you actually found appealing.

Further Details: Russ Howe is now a world leading Empower Network sponsor. You can view his thorough and honest empower network review in today’s interview, which covers the aspects of the home based business industry which prevent most affiliates from succeeding.

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